Acolyte Kiryn

Nightmare Dryad


Left as sentry over the Darrowmere Catacombs, Acolyte Kiryn stood watch over the mysterious group’s base of operations after their unexplained exodus. As cataloged by her unnamed companion in Journal Entry from Darrowmere Catacombs, Kiryn seems to be gripped with a certain madness.

As they investigated the Chapel of Sacred Ashes and the catacombs far below, the heroes came in contact with the Acolyte in the heart of the ruins, now transformed into a powerful dryad.

After a hard-fought encounter, Acolyte Kiryn is defeated; her remains falling into and entangling themselves with the vines and foliage covering the ceremonial chamber. Before the re-integration is complete, the heroes are able to pull free a mysterious orb.



Acolyte Kiryn’s background is completely unknown, though she seemed to retain either human or half-elf features.

Acolyte Kiryn

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