Ahrumaz kor'Javed


Ahrumaz led her companions by example; learning to listen to the inner voice of her heart and soul, for those are the voices that speak the language of Light. In this way she was guided on her path of honor and virtue.


Legendary member of the Order of the Alabaster Aegis, Ahrumaz was a beacon of light in the cold, northern reaches of Collabria. She served as First Paladin, as appointed by her peers for several good years until her death, which came as a martyrdom under circumstances known little to those outside of the Order.

Ahrumaz played a significant role in ending the The Giant Gate Wars

She is interred alongside her kin in the Tombs of the Last Heroes, deep within the subterranean caverns below the Alabaster Citadel.

Ahrumaz kor'Javed

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