Baron Samael Vargoss

Lord of the Dark Riders


Baron Samael Vargoss appears to the companions as a human male of fair skin tone and hair the color of snow capped mountains which falls in straight locks to a length just past his shoulders. Piercing blue eyes gaze from the well of hallowed sockets. He speaks with accent of those from the far northern tundras of Collabria.

The Baron adorns himself in the garments and accouterments of impeccable style and substance, lips stained from the dark red wine he casually sips from elaborate crystalwear. The Baron radiates an aura of darkness to those sensitive to such energies.


In the early interactions with the companions, Baron Vargoss conducts himself in a gentlemanly fashion. Though keen to establish his power in not-so-subtle conversation, the Baron does offer his assistance if they were to aid him in fetching a relic from the grasp of the Master of the Tower. The companions consider the aid, though they are concerned that it oozes of sinister ulterior motives.

Samael claims to have been called forth when the dark riders were beckoned into this world, a fact in which the Baron seems to hold a great deal of contempt.

Samael seems to take some pleasure in reciting classical music.

Baron Samael Vargoss

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