Commander Jules Maynard

Knight Commander of the Minutemen


As burly as he is bodacious, the Knight Commander of the Minutemen carries out his duties like a force of nature. Implacable, the old campaigner is the essence of resolve and dedication. The many years he has led the Minutemen has seen most of the hair on his head travel from the top of his pate to his chin bristles, forming a resplendent beard below a well manicured moustachio, which he tugs on incessantly when deep in thought.


Though their relevance in Khalsbrad has evaporated over decades of peace, the Minutemen have kept their position as guardsman by the will of their leader, Jules Maynard. Through the use of his scheduled drills and combat maneuvers, those in his command are kept in a state of readiness during the minutiae of garrison life.

During the conclusion of the Night of Lights crisis, Commander Maynard led the Minutemen alongside Boswell Dunbar and his own forces in the retaking of the city of Khalsbrad.

Commander Jules Maynard

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