Ebert Crespinwood


At one time he was a friend of Marlavin Wobblegrinder, and has always felt that he’s been stuck in the shadow of Marlavin’s ambitious pieces of work. Ebert will always have a way of taking shortcuts in his tinkering lifestyle. He tends to veer from even the most basic steps of any project or rules of crafting.

After stumbling across a peculiar map and locket while carving through a local mountain, Ebert took much consideration into where the locket had come from, hoping that the map might lead him to significantly greater treasures. After much study over the aged parchment, he learned that there was a dark magic attached to it, marking a forgotten location nearby, to what seemed to be holding some sort of higher and unheard of type of power. To Ebert’s eyes he didn’t fully grasp the implications laid out in front of him, but if there was treasure or power that would give him a leg up on anyone, he had to have it. As he didn’t have much adventuring experience, he coaxed Marlavin and Prism into joining him, while his plan would be to secretly reap the benefits alone in the end.

The Wobblegrinders agreed to take a break from parenting in order to enjoy a brief adventure. Along the way Ebert would deliberately hang in the shadows, while the Wobblegrinders took on most of the work. Upon reaching their final destination, the locket began to react to the location unlocking an ancient tomb. An unknown creature emerged in a plume of ash and smoke, and immediately pulled Ebert toward him, who was clutching onto the locket. Without speaking out loud the being immediately made a connection with Ebert mentally using dark magic and wanted to know who had put him in this tomb. As necrotic energy was washing over Ebert, fearing for his life he pointed a shaky finger toward the Wobblegrinders. There was a cyclone of energy surrounding everyone while the being was summoning a black hole like orb dancing between his fingers sucking in the life force from those around him. In a flash Ebert passed out and awoke in the rubble of the chaos.

As if rocks were crushing his skull, pain washed over Ebert as flashes of the necrotic being could be seen in his head. His body was slowly being taken over by this being and Ebert now had the knowledge that he had been spared in order to do the bidding of this dark being. He began to collect his thoughts with images flashing, filling in pieces, while his body felt that it was being under control of a puppeteer. While running into Henrick later on, he was the last to see Ebert for who he used to be before the darkness completely washed over him.

Ebert Crespinwood

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