Henrick Partridge


Henrick Partridge, father of Prism, is the grandfather of Thadeous. As a diligent studier of the magical world, he spent most of his time learning about it rather than using it. He was content with his studies and had so many books to get through, that he had no interest in exploring the world around him. Throughout his library head of knowledge his reasoning for staying put was that his insight and what he envisioned the world to be is something that no one but he could envision, and traveling to any of the places he’s read about would only spoil that vision of what he had weather it was better or worse. He was a perfectly happy gnome.

While he had hoped that his daughter would delve into the world of magic as feverishly as he did in his youth, she went down a different path, which he was still happy with.
When Thadeous came into his life he was thrilled at how quickly his grandson started to take on the magical world with much attentiveness and consideration rather than using dancing lights or prestidigitation as practical jokes or incorporate them into typical children’s games.

Unfortunately Thadeous would be spending a lot more time with his grandfather under alarming circumstances. One evening after the Wobblegrinders had returned home from a brief adventure, their bodies seemed pale and lifeless. As Henrick tried speaking to them, they pushed him aside and continued with their lives as if he didn’t matter.

Trying to figure out their absent state of mind, Henrick knew that they had left with Ebert, a local gnome and acquaintance of Marlavin. For the first time ever, Henrick went exploring and eventually found the rogue gnome.

After explaining what happened, Ebert let Henrick know that the Wobblegrinder’s souls were drained leaving them as empty shells. Ebert explained how he now shares a painful connection with this being who seems to go by no name other than a hushed voice in his head. As Ebert goes in and out of two states of mind, he tells Henrick in a deeper tone that those who were spared can live out there lives as they were for the rest of their eternity. Henrick knew this was just a cruel joke to torture those around them and could see in Ebert’s eyes that there was a hidden darkness in them, knowing that there was no turning back for him, as this was beyond what he’s ever read in any books.

Returning home and trying to deal with his daughter and son-in-law proved to be useless. They wouldn’t recognize the world as they knew it and seemingly couldn’t form any new memories. Heartbroken and stupefied Henrick knew that at least there was hope in Thadeous.

Over the years Henrick raised Thadeous as his own and eventually explained the entire story of his parent’s lost souls, the unknown being that he now calls Hush, and the extended form of the being’s magic that had taken over Ebert.

Thadeous knew that he needed more knowledge in figuring out how to break this terrible curse in order to get back something he’s never truly had growing up, which was the love of his parents.

Henrick fully supported Thadeous’ goal of exploring and funded his entire schooling career knowing that someday Thadeous would somehow in some way bring order back to his family.

Henrick Partridge

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