Kazz the Minotaur



Kazz is a force of mayhem, capable of wielding just about any weapon with deadly effect (though he prefers his massive sledge, which he is fond of swinging, to savage effect). He towers above his targets at over 10’’. Wrought iron plates adorn a few areas, seeming to add weight to his savage blows rather than bring extra protection; his thick hide is indeed difficult to pierce.

Kazz either doesn’t know or chooses not to speak the common language. He depends on his long time battle compatriot, Jaa’kuu in any interactions that do not involve a weapon.


Kazz had traveled alone with his fellow gladiator Jaa’kuu, carving his way through the fighting pits and coliseums with brutal savagery. The glory of battle is all the minotaur could ever understand.

In the championship round of the Boros Cup Tournament, he was defeated by the companions, who fought for House McGillicutty. His life was spared, after Jaa’kuu fell in combat.

His honor tarnished by his survival after a match he viewed as mortal combat, Kazz stalked off into the mountains outside Boros where, after a night of meditation, he spilled his own intestines in the presence of the rising sun.

Kazz the Minotaur

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