Lord Aetherion Tourek

Guildmaster of the Explorer's League, Lord of House Tourek, Lv.??


Aetherion Tourek is the only son of Archon Tourek, the founder of the Explorer’s League and the current Guildmaster. He is a subdued and thoughtful young man, both in action and in his family duty.


Aetherion is very mindful of his family upbringing, wishing to continue the vision of his father. It is under his leadership that the guild has established Archon’s Fall, the home of the Tourek family and garrison for the guild. It’s from this seat of power that he sees to the operation of much of the guild’s actions and maneuvers.

He’s found his efforts of stabilization harried on several occasions by the savage Ironbellow Clan, an orc mercenary group operating in the region.

Lord Aetherion Tourek

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