Orc Lackey


Lumpy is an Orc formerly associated with the Ironbellow Clan. He has only a rudimentary understanding of the common language. Lumpy was taken captive during the events of CHAPTER.


Lumpy’s direct association with the Ironbellow Clan is largely unknown, though he has been among their ranks for at least several weeks. To gain a better understanding of Lumpy’s intentions, Akasha delved into his mind during the interrogation held by On’ogg. What she witnessed she kept mostly to herself. In his confusion, Lumpy seemed to be recalling memories from his past.

She first gained his perspective while he was riding a large dire wolf, in a region she little recognized. She witnessed his unskilled movements and gained a glimpse of a older, more experienced rider seeming pleased by Lumpy’s progress.

In a flash the images blurred and coalesced to thick smoke. Akasha again gained the perspective, that of Lumpy jumping out of a hut caught aflame. The viewpoint gazed around to see a small village aflame, with what felt to her like an unfamiliar Orc clan brutalizing the small Orcish fishing village. The imagery phased out suddenly as a huge green fist thumped her between the eyes. It formed again as her gaze turned down to a very old Orc, wheezing deeply in his bed.

With some surprise, she recognized him as the same figure as the first experience. He pointed a emaciated hand to a shelf, where sat a oaken box. Her visage walked over slowly, taking the box in huge green hands. Opening the lid, she seen found a silver wand. With that her view faded out.


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