Marlavin Wobblegrinder


Marlavin believes he has an incredibly wide knowledge of tools and general mechanics in tinkering. In reality, he is highly accident-prone. He actually does have a significant amount of skill as a master tinkerer, but can be overly confident and prone to spectacular mishaps. He often forgets a crucial step, ignores instructions, makes ill-advised modifications, or comes to inaccurate conclusions.

He has a very good relationship with his wife Prism, as they were former adventurers that turned into a romantic pairing, or what he would more likely call it to be a mutual agreement. His stubbornness only makes Prism challenge his softer side more and more. And eventually a hint of gleaming came into his eyes once they had their only child Thadeous. Their adventuring days grew slimmer and slimmer until everything was all of a sudden forgotten.

Since Thadeous left, his mind has been focused on what great projects await him. Curiosity seems to keep calling him and sometimes can create a foggy landscape of crowded ideas and goals in his old age, while it seems that that certain special gleam has been lost.

Marlavin Wobblegrinder

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