Master Madrygos

Archmage of Solastarum


Governor of the city of Khalsbrad and Master of the Tower of Solastarum, Madrygos has created a shining light of intellect in the great white north.


Believed to be part elven, Madrygos has ruled over Khalsbrad for hundreds of years. Though his authority in his realm is absolute, many find it to be benevolent and just. The small government is seen to by his appointed officials, through which their Households have been rewarded for their service with the comforts of wealth.

Some time in the past, in his seeking of further knowledge, Madrygos tapped into ancient energies nary meant for mortals. In doing so, he unknowingly bound his being to the site with the power of the ley line beneath what would soon become Solastarum.

Effectively imprisoned here himself, he raised the Tower, a mirror of his vast mind and from within called out to the intellectuals of the world to make pilgrimage to Solastarum.


For one hundred years Solastarum has stood as a beacon of deeper knowledge. Though several months ago, Madrygos closed it’s thick brass gates and barred entry to outsiders. Becoming a recluse, the Master of the Tower allowed the governing Houses to take full control of the city. Within weeks, feuds escalated into full turf wars that carved up the city into their own ruling districts.

Organized crime is now rampant as the lawless streets fell under rule of the corrupt Houses. During the incursion, the Minutemen of Khalsbrad relegated their duties to peacekeeping in the streets, ill equipped to unseat the powerful Houses through conventional means.

Master Madrygos

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