Prince of the Sapphire Isles


Hopscotch has recently been revealed to be Zorbastoram Elomarroth Davalin, Prince of the Sapphire Isles an rightful ruler of the vanara people. He had been transformed by the most trusted ally of his father; General Dagoh in a political coup that displaced the young prince from his country and people.


Found in the magic shop of Bellview, this golden tamaran has eyes keen with intelligence. He often wears a cap and has a silken scarf wrapped around his shoulders. Carrying a small bell, the monkey seems capable of answering simple questions.
Monkey heeds commands, at least those that run alongside his own interests.


Monkey carries a small satchel, on the side of which is embroidered in golden stitching the name ‘Rinaldo’. Upon meeting Thadeous Wobblegrinder, Monkey decides to resign his position as the merchant’s assistant and takes to the road with the Gnomish wizard.


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