Osterrick uth Modar

Prefect of Khalsbrad


With a stern grimace shaped by a lifetime spent in military campaigning, Sir Osterrick exemplifies professionalism and service. Considering his duties above all, he lives and breathes the Order. Well, all aspects of the Order save brotherhood.

As a young man, Osterrick was mocked and taunted by his fellow journeymen in the Order. His Lord father had made considerable donations to the Order coffers and other gallants scoffed at his early admission into officer training. Never mind that out of the lot, he was the only among them that could read or contemplate arithmetic. The fact that he was as ugly as a pock faced ogre with a shock of painfully yellow hair often overshadowed his quiet dedication to duty.

His mood soon hardened into a shell to protect his station as the social pariah. He needed no colleague to advance in his station. Camaraderie was an unnecessary distraction. Over the years, he did indeed rise in the ranks and now holds his place among the ‘Guiding Circle’, which stands as the executive authority of the Alabaster Aegis.


An old campaigner and Senior Knight of the Alabaster Aegis. Was appointed Prefect of Khalsbrad by Dhalamus Cayne, the First Paladin, as the Order secured the city after the Night of Lights crisis.

Osterrick uth Modar

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