Prism Wobblegrinder


As a cheerful, sunny, sweet-natured forest gnome, she always treats those around her kindly, and shows far more respect and courtesy for companions rather than for herself. She tries to encourage sociability, and teamwork (particularly with her stubborn husband Marlavin), and normally is seen with a smile on her face. She also harbors a love of nature/gardening, and overflows with powerful maternal instinct.

Even though her father got her into the world of wizardry, she hasn’t taken a liking to it as much as what the natural world has to offer. However she would occasionally use some spells just to satiate her father’s wishes. Prism at one point possessed an adventuring side, as the thought of staying put seemed like a death sentence.

After meeting the gruff and stubborn Marlavin, she challenged herself to getting to his sweet side, which eventually led to him cracking and forming a loving relationship. While they continued to adventure together, they eventually had a child, Thadeous, and settled down as much as a gnome could.

With Thadeous gone and not exactly sure of where he went, nowadays she seems content with her days busy in her seemingly forest sized garden at home, but has a sense of loss behind her smiling eyes.

Prism Wobblegrinder

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