Thadeous Wobblegrinder


Thadeous Wobblegrinder is a simple forest gnome who grew up within a small family to which he felt that he had no true ties with. As he is horribly awkward in social situations, he tends to keep to himself, but appreciates the value of listening to others, and often does surround himself with friends/acquaintances/strangers, elated with the information that he can gain from any situation.

As a young adult in his late 50’s he is often dressed in formal clothing with embroidery signifying his travels from around the world. He can also often be seen gazing through his monocle as he peruses through his many scrolls and tomes.


Growing up Thadeous was fascinated with the small woodland creatures surrounding him and felt that he related to them more-so than he related to his family. He had a natural knack for illusion and developed the ability to speak with small beasts through sounds and gestures, often keeping many of them as pets.

At an early age Thadeous decided to leave home knowing that he only had about three to five centuries of life hoping that he could squeeze in as much time as possible to see the world and gain as much knowledge as possible. Throughout his journey Thadeous had met several others and bathed in the beauty of the natural world. Eventually his curiosity had shifted more toward the realm of magic, fascinated by all of the wizards he had met along his travels. And although most of his friends were fleeting, due to his constant state of moving, his closest ones would say that after Thadeous had started dipping his fingers into the world of spellcasting that he lost something about himself. And as Wobblegrinder doesn’t like to delve into too much detail of his personal life, he’s been known to go to great lengths in order to try and gain back what he supposedly has lost. Something that he still hasn’t been able to recover according to others.

Upon coming across a point where Thadeous could settle down and study, he had decided to join Wayreth Academy in the southern parts of The Imperium of Man in order to focus on powerful elemental effects and spells to protect the weak furthering his training as a wizard. He would constantly be buried in books and collecting as much information as possible. After successfully achieving what he set out to do here, it was time for another adventure.

At the Academy, Professor Laural’thalas issued final examinations; Thaddeus is sent to southern Collabria; light scrying of ley lines in her home nation of Aelostrian have developed information of an ancient elven artifact being dislocated to the area; he is to investigate to confirm or deny such rumors.

Thadeous Wobblegrinder

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