Vostok Ivanovich

Grand Master of Ceremonies


Vostok Ivanovich is the master of the Bacchanal of Oddities and Antiquities, a roaming sideshow.

Nothing can be said definitively in describing Vostok, for nobody has seen him in several years. He uses a large marionette animated with magical essence to act in his place in all things; both stage and otherwise. Very clever is the magic that energizes this dummy; it can broadcast it’s master’s voice and mimic his mannerisms perfectly.


Stories circulate on the background of Vostok Ivanovich. Many speculate on the reason for his use of the marionette; everything from having vicious leperacy to his need to remain underwater as a merfolk, mostly of which originated from he himself. None can say for certain where the truth lies.

Vostok Ivanovich

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