Xandrilla, Bane of Thuul

Orc Evoker


One of Yaaz Jiguura’s lieutenants, among the Ironbellow Warband.

Lithe and beautiful to behold, Xandrilla adorns herself with the skulls of those she’s annihilated.


At a young age, Xandrilla was a witness to the death of much of her clan during a culling of orcs by the Order of the Alabaster Aegis. The orcish sorceress grew to loathe humanity.

After many years in isolation, the young sorceress unleashed a magical plague on the small community of Thuul. Drawing the ire of the Alabaster Aegis, Xandrilla had to retreat from her native region to the north.

Xandrilla gravitated to the Ironbellow Clan, what with their capacity to carry out malice.

Xandrilla, Bane of Thuul

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