Gift of Eomar

The Chase

The companions move quickly to the outer wall, anxious to help after seeing the destruction wrought during the attack on Bellview. They find their way to the fortifications, smoke billowing from a cleft in the barrier. The group work to recover citizens from the wreckage, with their effort comes varying degrees of success. Once the tumalt has lessened somewhat, the group reunite with Sayer, who had wandered into the city and gravitated to the investigate.

Soon they are approached by Makos Thrynn, who informs them that the households nearby seem to be mostly empty. Investigating the outer ruins of the wall reveals deep ruts in the ground; with haste the group retrieve their horses and give chase.

Riding hard, the companions track the their quarry over deserted farms and through lush gullies. They eventually crest a hill and catch a glimpse of a large wagon canvased in red barreling over a distant hill, some three hundred meters off. The companions had gained a tremendous amount of ground, finally catching up to their target.

They considered following the wagon to it’s eventual destination, but felt immediate action was prudent. They rushed ahead, covering the last of the wagon’s distance and engaging directly. What they find is a large war wagon filled with orcs, built over a cage of heavy bent metal and several mounted escorts riding alongside. A pair of gigantic turtles with six quick moving legs pull the wagon behind them.

They engage directly; On’ogg fights off the outriders while Sayer heroically clambers onto the wagon, where he is able to take on the orcs in melee. Thadeous launches a fire blast ahead, catching the canvas cover ablaze. Those heroes who attack from range are beset by insane goblins tossing explosives from the rear. Akasha lassos a rider with her whip, yanking him wholly from his horse. He hits the ground with speed, his neck breaking against the hard ground.

The companions work through the rest of enemies for a time before the wagon swerves away from a cliff wall, allowing Ogg an opportunity to gain the platform. At the last moment his horse gallops over uneven ground and the orc slips from his position, catching his foot in the saddle straps.

As room becomes available beside the wagon, Akasha barrels through the opening. With a magical crack of her whip, she upends on of the turtles, sending the wagon headlong into the obstruction and toppling it over, flinging the remaining passengers into the fields.

A lone orc survives the crash and attempts to flee. The recovering heroes close on him and dispatch him quickly. They then investigate the remains of the wagon; the cage maintained it’s integrity well through the crash. Prying open the bars, they find a score of denizens seeming to be in a deep magical sleep, mostly unharmed.

Akasha befriends one of the turtles, it’s companion seems less than friendly to the group. They’re able to re-adjust the wagon and with some effort, coerse the great beasts to pull them back to Bellview.

The Road to Bellview

scene_-_verdant_thicket.jpg The companions still argue in the Godsreach, debating on the best way to get into the Church of the Verdant Thicket. Their attention is drawn by the increase in activity around the Pavilion; the groundskeepers seem to be in high duress.

Suddenly Sayer, seeming to be deeply aggitated himself, takes his leave after hurriedly clarifying that he will catch up with the group when he can. Shrugging to each other in bemusement, On’ogg and Wobblegrinder draw closer to the Pavilion.

On’ogg inquires with a groundskeeper about the young curate’s activity. He seemed to be deeply engaged in the pushing and dragging of fine sand in large, arcing circles. In an impressive display of artistry, he tries his hand at the task; maneuvering the tools rather skillfully around the large, smooth stones of the garden. Many of the beleaguered attendants stop their fitful pacing and crowd around for a better view.


Thaddeous takes the opportunity to slip away and climb the stairs to the receiving area. He’s greeted by a distraught receptionist and guards at several doors. Seeing little option, he retreats back to the paladin. Ogg finishes his sand-raking symposium and they decide to try again when things are less … hectic.


The young elf drags herself out of the gutter. Vigilant of her pursuers, which are nowhere to be seen, she disguises herself as a male counterpart to herself, which as an elf pretty much means she looks slightly less dainty and has a slightly more masculine hairstyle.

The group eventually reunites at their room at the Black Swann. Ogg is deeply troubled by the accusatory flyers posted in the area for an ‘Akasha Delithrang’; wanted for questioning for the apparent theft of such sensitive items including (but not limited to) the contents of an expensive bottle of liquor. Without very much explanation, the Bard reveals the dossier on Miraak Flores.

They decide the prudent action would be to continue their journey away from Darrowmere, but linger long enough to bully a pimple faced stable boy and interrogate a half blind, great grandmother en route to a small hut on the far outskirts of the city.


They have reason to believe that it had once belonged to the mysterious figure known as Miraak, back before he crossed the brink from nature conservationist to political outlaw. They found that someone had been staying secretly in the shanty, but that it had been empty for at least a few weeks. The squatter left a series of strange, rambling missives on a wall strung together by thick yarn. The companions stayed for a night, fraught with spooky rain pattering on the tin panels of the roof and an eerie figure moving through the desolate streets outside.

Come morning, they made quick work of rounding up their gear and taking to the road.

They spent much of the day travelling over the hills and bluffs, riding pleasantly under the radiant light of the warm sun. Late in the afternoon the lush green plains gave way to to golden highlands. The shimmering waves of wheat waved roiled unchecked in the wind. They were deep withing the city-state of Bellview before they came across another individual, a pair of pikemen they found to be the local militia. Now informed of the dire situation of the disappearing smallfolk, the companions pressed on with a bit more urgency.


The merchant city of Bellview sprawled out before them as they approached, finding the farmland just as devoid of life as the road up to then. They noticed lines of smallfolk in queue carrying valuable and necessities in their arms. Upon investigation, the group find that the outlying farmers are being quartered within the tall walls of Bellview proper.

Slighted at the gate by the guard captain for being an Orc, an exasperated On’Ogg presents the seal of commission from Lord Aetherion Tourek. He then leads Akasha and Wobble proudly through the city up Bellview Keep. Everyone who they pass seem to be whispering lightly of the mysterious disappearances.


They are received at the gatehouse of the keep, noticing a vaguely familiar warrior giving training some of the militia in the far side of the courtyard. In the keep, they are brought before the Elder Counsel, currently in session. The Elders are debating what’s to be done about the crisis besieging their peaceful community. One of the Elders remain silent, seeming to size up the heroes from across the chamber with shrewd eyes. After a while she approaches, introducing herself as Elder Wynona Rosenbraugh. She invites the heroes to join her for a walk, where they might have some quiet to talk.

They climb the stairs to the ramparts, overlooking both city and the surrounding area. Elder Rosenbraugh updates them on the efforts being made to safeguard the city, but cannot confirm where the apparent attacks are coming from. She speculates that the local mercenary group known as the Ironbellow Clan weren’t above such dastardly deeds.

The Elder answers a few questions for the heroes, when suddenly there is an intense light very far in the distance, bright enough to cast shadows from this great a length. Just as it fades again, there is an explosion on the edge of town, with smoke billowing from the outer wall of the city.

The group rush back down into the keep to find workers running about it chaos. They see a few clerks run through a door and head in that direction. Bursting through the door, Ogg swiftly dodges an arrow meant for his head, nearly tripping on the clerks who were crumpled dead on the ground. He locks eyes with his assailant, none other than Karth Drachum. The Orc hunter wasn’t alone, he seemed to be supporting the entire Ironbellow Warband, confirming the Elder’s fears of their involvement.

The heroes engage with the vicious Orcs in the great hall of the Keep, dodging the vicious blades of the assassin known only as Korgan, deflecting the dark magics of Xandrilla, Bane of Thuul, attempting to close in on the crafty Karth Drachum and fending off the powerful strikes from their leader, Yaaz Jiguura.

During the battle, the front doors of the keep fly open and in rush the warrior from the courtyard and two spearmen. The warband react fast, catching the militiamen in a barbed net, but the unknown figure moves free and dives into the fray.

After a time, Yaaz called out to his Orcs and with a word began to adjust their strategy, covering themselves as they fall back in short order. With some effort Xandrilla opens a tear in the fabric of reality; the attackers fall back and slip through. The heroes find themselves in the aftermath of the ferocious battle, panting for breath and checking for unnoticed wounds.

The companions gain some semblance of composure and exit out the front of the Keep. Elder Wynona stands at the gate of the Keep among her personal guards. Staring out at the township of Bellview, she turns as they approach to wipe away a single tear. The damage beyond her is obvious; smoke billows from a damaged break in the wall, a tear in what was thought to be the safety for the city of Bellview.

The Darrowmere Shuffle

The heroes take stock of their situation during their escape from the catacombs. Unaccustomed to the deep underground, Sayer is feeling the strains of claustrophobia nip at his rationality.

Climbing back up to the ground level, the group find that the ghostly skull has re-animated itself, but seems to be affected somehow. The companions quickly surmise that it seems to have lost it’s vision, perhaps do to the removal of the Skull Gems. They make quick work of the skull, stomping it’s remains into a fine dust just for safe measure.

After a brief debate on the contents of the sealed wing of the catacombs and the likelihood of significance clues therein, the group decide to make their way through the forest road back toward Darrowmere. It’s a solemn walk through the late night rain.

They find the Black Swan bereft of the typical crowd for this time of the evening. The barkeep mentions that any clientele that happens in seems to wander off before long, finding the crowd cold and dreary. The three cloaked figures in the corner have been here the better part of the day, nursing the same three pints of ale (much to the barkeep’s chagrin). Sayer orders the three a round on him.

The group was just noticing the gravity of the situation when the bartender delivers the drinks, pointing at Sayer. The figures all stand, kicking away their chairs and turning over the table. The barkeep, shrieks while running for safety.

The cloaked figures have a deep turquoise hue to their skin, with abhorrent growths marring throughout in patches. They draw vicious looking weapons with hands that seem sodden and bloated.

During the engagement, the companions find that the beings seem to break away at the combat, leaving an oily mess tangled with seaweed and barnacles. Still they came, intent on their target.

Eventually the group is able to tear away enough of their assailants to halt their attack. With the final killing blow, the figures burst in a wet mess, leaving the floor briny and sodden.

After Ogg’s attempts to to defend his friends fall flat, he boils over into a blood rage, throwing his sword through a wall and smashing all the furniture in reach into kindling.

He is eventually calmed while the group faces the aftermath of the situation carefully, not least of which a crowd of curious onlookers who had been passing by the Swan. The terrified barmaid who had been taking shelter in the pantry was eventually coaxed out, with wide eyes glancing uneasily at the hilt of Ogg’s sword as it protrudes from the wall.

A local is sent to find Hergen Blaythe, who arrives and looks over the destruction in bewilderment. The companions offer him explanation, all while he expertly shapes the splintered wood into a seating apparatus and surface for the newly fetched pints of ale.

The group eventually retires, long needed after their eventful day. They awake with renewed vigor and take up the task of investigating Darrowmere further. Believing the Church of the Verdant Thicket to have some understanding to what had happened in the Catacombs, they begin planning an incursion into the upper reaches of the Pavilion. Surely they must know more than they’re letting on?

The heroes discreetly linger in the Godsreach, discussing among themselves the best coarse of action to get into the restricted areas of the Pavilion. Akasha seems to reserve much of her opinion and is not noticed when she slips away. She approaches a one of the figures adorned in the telltale robes of the Verdant Thicket while he drags a rake across the surface of a sand garden.

She inquires about the church, asking of the young man how one might join their ranks. Noticing her to be an elf, he rushes to find his master, one with the authority to see to her request properly. The young bard is greeted by Master Woodshaper Kristoff, a vain man wearing resplendent robes fitting to his position as head of the Verdant Thicket. He eagerly receives Akasha and sees her right away to his office.

The prospect of having a real life elf, one who has gazed on the beauty of Aelostrian first hand, is almost too much for the Woodshaper to take. He makes small talk, writing accurately her name full name on the substantial paperwork necessary to accept her into the ranks.

There is a knock at the door as one of the groundskeepers enters requesting the Master Woodshaper to see to an important matter of the church that required his immediate attention. Failing to hid his frustration, Sunto Pai excuses himself and steps out of the room. In a scramble, Akasha begins rifling through the books and trinkets on his shelves and upturning the neatly stacked papers on his desk before fumbling open a locked drawer. She yanks out a dossier marked ‘Miraak Flores’, upturning a bottle of what must be expensive bourbon in the process.

Hearing the Woodshaper returning, only on the other side of the door finishing his orders to the subordinate, Akasha waves her hand in the air above the desk and creates an illusion of order, hiding beneath it the mess her search had wrought. As she falls back into her seat, the door swings open.

“I don’t care how you do it, just get that sand raked!”, the Master Woodshaper snarled, slamming the door in the face of the underling. Regaining the mask of serenity, he apologized for the interruption. Continuing the introductory paperwork for admittance, in spite of Akasha’s vague protests, Sunto Pai circled back around his desk sniffing the air slightly.

His composed look turned to confusion as he regained his chair, seating himself directly in a puddle of lavish bourbon. Akasha quickly takes her leave, hearing the Woodshaper bark out orders in bewilderment to nobody in particular.

Running along, Akasha finds her way through a series of hallways to the entry chamber just as three slow moving groundskeepers burst through a door opposite of her. Darting to the stairway, the nimble elf reaches the exit easily as the tenders chug along in their cumbersome robes and heavily decorated staves.

Akasha flees wildly into the city proper as the groundskeepers give chase, all out of sight to the rest of the companions. She turns a corner and ducks into a viaduct, quickly throwing an illusion over the space. Holding her breath, she hears as the agitated figures lumber past, the jangling of their ornaments ringing through the air. With a rush of relief, she settles into her nook long enough to lose her pursuers before running back to the Black Swan.


The Deep Roots of Crescent Hill

The companions begin on the now little used road to the derelict Chapel of Sacred Ashes. The twilight hours of the Verdant Thicket is quiet; the subtle pattering of light rain on the foliage the only sound to be heard.

After a brief deliberation, the group decides to investigate the main building of the chapel. Gaining entry through a largely demolished wall, they begin inspecting the sacellum. They find what looks to be the remnants of an old campfire and quite a bit of broken glass littering the floor.

On’ogg approaches the altar, finding a bleach white skull with some sort of precious stones in it’s eyes. When attempting to lift it, the skull springs to life, emitting a ghastly green aura and charging forward through the group.

After taking a few blows from the group, the skull rears back and emanates a wave of magical energy. The group are unaffected by this, noticing the energy radiate outward through the trees and off into the distance.

Just then Akasha loops her whip around the skull and with a yank, cracks it clear in half longways. The companions gather around as Thadeous Wobblegrinder detects the magical properties of the now inert skull; whatever strange magic animated it seems to have dispersed with the killing blow. Og and Sayer each take a gem from it’s two eye orifices.

The group continue on, carefully inspecting the basilica offices. They find a few empty rooms, one filled with a murder of crows. They fly out the nearby windows as the companion’s approach closer.

They find a dusty tome titled Chronicles of the God King; to his dismay, Og cannot read the language that it is written in.

Continuing down a long, spiral staircase into the deep, subterranean level, the group find themselves in the Darrowmere Catacombs. Sayer spots a thin, silvery line across the ground and warns of a trap. Unfortunately, when traversing the string he failed to mind his belongings and tripped the wire with his sword hilt, effectively springing the trap. A long column of stone chained to the ceiling unhinged from it’s hiding spot and swung down, clipping the swashbuckler in the shoulder.

The group then progresses forward, noting several tombs with elaborate statues chiseled over the resting places. They note that the ancient statue figures have horns protruding from their heads.

In the next room the companions find debris and a small chamber for what seems like private worshiping. There are candles littered around, statuettes representing several different popular religions and a spooky hand mirror which Sayer holds onto, using it to check around corners and gaze at the reflection of things around him.

As the group move through these chambers, Og and Sayer notice movement on their persons. The gems in their inventory come to life, springing from Og’s pocket and floating Sayer’s satchel into the air. Og loses his grip on his for a moment; it skitters across the ceiling before he wrangles it back down. After a moment, they fall inanimate again, thoroughly perplexing the heroes. They continue on.

Soon they find another chamber, this one with a small cistern of deep black water, cold to the touch. The water runoff flows down under the walkway and through a rusty grating. Another large statue of a horned figure is erected over the pool, this one depicted with large feathered wings. The group continue still.

The group then encounter a crossing hallway, going in three other directions. They choose to pass by the hall that has several crates blockading it and move forward to a large crypt. These are similarly adorned to the initial tombs they came across, if somewhat less elaborate and a bit more crowded. While Akasha and Thadeous inspect what they find to be empty, easily movable crates blocking one path, Og and Sayer choose the alternate.

Too late Og realizes his mistake as the carpet gives way beneath him, dropping him into a pit littered with the sharp bones of several skeletons. He is shaken with the dishonorable treatment of the dead. Sayer expertly binds a rope to a nearby load bearing column and they are able to recover the orc paladin.

They find a small squatters camp, the remnants of the cult that had been reported around Darrowmere. It doesn’t seem to have been touched in several days. They find journal entry of an acolyte, stating in it that the cult has had a sort of exodus from the area, leaving the two acolytes to stand as sentinels for their base of operations. The journal makes mention of the author’s companion gained some insights from a book, finding a “wonderful truth”.

Continuing on, the group make their way back to the hallway and following the alternate route, finding a small antechamber with the remains of a meal sitting on a table, a basin of clear water and yet another large statue of a horned figure. The group feel refreshed upon touching the water, drinking deeply and recovering their strength.

The door leading on seems to be stuck with something behind it. They knock the door forward, breaking the up most hinge and falling forward on it’s splintered wood. There was a thick tangle of fresh roots and foliage carpeting the floor, which had been blocking the entryway. It bounded through the entire room, forming a thick pillar in the center of the chamber and continuing to grow unchecked on the ceiling.

The companions investigated a few side rooms and determined that this seemed to be the subterranean altar of the mysterious cult. They still haven’t found any signs of the cultists left behind to hold the lair.

They found a strange tome with depictions of a large construct, an ancient apparatus of some kind. Writing in ancient elven flowed across it’s pages. Og inspects the great mass of vines centering the room as Wobblesprocket reaches for the book. As the wizard places his hand upon it, a wicked eye opens deep within the vines, gazing maliciously at Og’onn.

Out stepped what was expected to be Acolyte Kiryn, transformed into a nightmarish dryad. Controlling a pair of regenerating vine blights, she lashed out at the group.

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After a hard fought fight, the heroes were able to fell the Acolyte. As her body regressed into the vines, the group was able to recover a mysterious orb from the chest cavity of the dryad. They also found the desecrated remains of the other acolyte. Happy to rid themselves of this place, the companions grabbed the tome and headed for the exit.

On the Path

The group investigates Darrowmere in earnest, coming to the Godsreach Gardens and speaking to some acolytes of the Church of the Verdant Thicket. They find the attendants unhelpful, but do learn the name of a local conservationist by the name of Miraak.

They continued across to the Darrowmere Municiple Building, looking for more information on the happenings around town. They find out that Miraak is a bit of an extremest in regard to his conservation efforts. They also find out that he hasn’t been seen in town for some time.

Soon Hergen Blaythe arrives to deliver them a message. Morinth Rheinhardt has been seeking them out; she’s about to go investigate reports of a strange occurrence outside of town. The group follows her.

They find the mangled remains of a large cave bear. The group take a moment to discuss the oddity of a deep bear so far up in the mountains; it’s very unnatural. A second cave bear skulks into the clearing, engaging the group in an intense combat. Morinth is clearly shaken up.

Tasking the group with investigating a site she believes could be the clandestine meeting place of whatever group is involved with these machinations, Morinth falls back to report to Lord Aetherion Tourek in Archon’s Fall.

The group take the long hike to Crescent Hill, the site of the old Chapel of Sacred Ashes. While en route, they encounter a strange figure who calls himself Baatu. He gives the group a disturbing premonition. With a large puff from his pipe, he enshrouds himself with thick smoke and takes his leave again.

Finally, the companions arrive at the foot of Crescent Hill. They stand by the lone light post on this dreary path and look up to the ruins of the Chapel.

Caught in the Wild

Upon arrival to Archon’s Fall, a small group strangers meet at the Lion’s Pride Inn. Sayer, keen to break the ice, swaggers over a few frothy pints of ale. The group waits eagerly for their fourth to arrive; for the expedition had requested a group of that size. Suddenly a small regiment of porters worked their way through the room with a large trunk that appeared quite heavy. In it’s wake appeared a gnome, who introduced himself as Thaddeus Wopplegrinder. Finally complete, the group reports in for their appointment with Lord Aetherion Tourek.

At their meeting with the guildmaster of the Explorer’s League, Lord Tourek informs the group of mysterious disappearances happening around the city of Bellview. He addresses the group as a whole…

“Your arrival is fortuitous, adventurers … for disconcerting reports have been arriving throughout of the day. I can use any help that I could get.

These reports speak of abductions from the nearby settlement of Bellview. Local authorities have little to no manpower to probe the surrounding area themselves; so have petitioned our services. We have reason to believe through reports received that the disappearances will continue if further action isn’t taken.

If you’ve an inclination to help, your mission would be twofold. First, I would have you report the situation to my field agent, Morinth. She is surveying a matter I suspect may be of some connection, and can be found in Darrowmere, a woodland settlement due east.

Second and certainly more compelling, you would investigate and put an end to these abductions, if that is in fact the nature of the situation. What at first seemed to be an isolated account of displaced townfolk has developed into a rash of missing persons. Bellview is an autocratic territory; they are governed locally by a counsel of elders. They should be able to provide you with any information that they were able to deduce.

You can proceed whichever way you see fit, but I would suggest you depart this evening. I’ve prepared suitable mounts to speed you across the plains, as necessary. I will also forward you a percentage of your earning to facilitate accommodations.

Travel well, friends … and good luck."

The guildmaster answers a few questions for the group. Og formally requests a written mandate to act as proof of their commission to the Explorer’s Guild, which Aetherion issues accordingly. They decide to head for Darrowmere, camping at a nearby ridge while en route. The elf Akasha, strumming a tune softly to herself as she keeps watch over her new companions, senses danger incoming and roused the rest of the group. In a flash a small pack of dire wolves surged from the nearby brush and were upon them.


After the hard fought encounter, the group laid to rest the great hulking beasts. An eerie quiet descends upon them as everyone regains their composure. The wolves were alarmingly large, considering what a typical size for the region is. They also seemed quite desperate; attacking humans would have been quite dangerous with only a pack of three. Og attempts to sense a divine (or otherwise) ubiquity in the area; he feels the presence of a very slight celestial power among the slain creatures, but that it seems slightly … off. The group then commenced to take turns butchering the pelts into scraps.

Come morning, the party was eager to be rid of the site; they continued unhindered to the road to Darrowmere, on the edge of the Verdant Thicket. The few travelers they encountered, mostly merchants and the like, were heading from the forest retreat. Before long they entered the city proper.

The found the Darrowmere lacking much hustle & bustle; the folks meandering through the area seemed happy to keep to themselves. It was hard to tell if they were deep in thought or if they were completely devoid of any of it. In an attempt to gain some attention, Akasha, with the help of Og, stings a tightrope from a hillock to a tree across the clearing. In an act of acrobatic brilliance, the young elf cartwheels onto the line before her companions toss up her loot. She then sang a ballad of unity between all sentient life and the natural world surrounding them.

A crowd began to form, all of which are deeply moved by the aria. Many tears were shed, not least of which from from the vociferous dwarf sculptor Hergen Blaythe. He explained, while wiping away thick globules of tears with a violet handkerchief, that the Black Swan was a common hang-out in town for those visiting the area. If they were searching for someone, “… there’d be as good a place to start as any”. He began chopping brutally at a block of expensive wood while he guided the group to the tavern.

The Black Swan was a far livelier scene than the subdued streets of Darrowmere. The group made themselves comfortable with their new friend, probing the dwarf with questions. He spoke of the legend telling of Darrowmere suffering some sort of blight that wiped out the populace some two centuries ago, as well as a bit about moving of the church to the city proper. He was forthcoming with information, though he admits that most of what he could say was conjecture. Sayer, seeming to be thoroughly impressed by the dwarf’s skill with woodshaping, attempts to buy the carving once it’s finished. Hergen, still deeply moved by the melody and feeling quite affable with the group, gifts the ‘finished’ product to the freelancing corsair.

The group take in the environment around them. Several pockets of groups in their own dialogue are taking place all around them. They do notice a single hooded figure sitting in solitude in a corner booth all by themselves. Sayer approaches, followed closely by Og and the rest of the group. They uncover Morinth Rheinhardt, who reveals what she knows about the happenings of Darrowmere.

She explains of a group of townfolk who have been having clandestine meetings, though she could not pinpoint any members, where and how they meet, or their purpose in said meetings. She also explains that the area has been slightly destabilized, what with the increase in violence from the creatures in the forest. She seems flustered by all the happenings. Being an experienced field agent, even she feels over-burdened by the gravity of the situation. Needing to check on a few things, she leaves a way to contact her through a ‘dead-drop’ system.

With that, Morinth rushes off … perhaps leaving more questions than that she answered.

Meeting with Aetherion

In eras past … in what would later be known as the ‘Age of Discovery’ … Collabria was still a widely unsettled frontier…

The Explorer’s League has been established in the southern reaches of the land for several decades and is currently under the leadership of Lord Aetherion Tourek, son of founder Archon Tourek. It stands as a beacon of civilization in the otherwise wild and changing landscape.


You stand before the Guildmaster in his office at Archon’s Fall, the evening’s light falling in bands through the windows in a brilliant display. He addresses your group as a whole:

“Your arrival is fortuitous, adventurers … for disconcerting reports have been arriving throughout of the day. I can use any help that I could get.

These reports speak of abductions from the nearby settlement of Bellview. Local authorities have little to no manpower to probe the surrounding area themselves; so have petitioned our services. We have reason to believe through reports received that the disappearances will continue if further action isn’t taken.

If you’ve an inclination to help, your mission would be twofold. First, I would have you report the situation to my field agent, Morinth. She is surveying a matter I suspect may be of some connection, and can be found in Darrowmere, a woodland settlement due east.

Second and certainly more compelling, you would investigate and put an end to these abductions, if that is in fact the nature of the situation. What at first seemed to be an isolated account of displaced townfolk has developed into a rash of missing persons. Bellview is an autocratic territory; they are governed locally by a counsel of elders. They should be able to provide you with any information that they were able to deduce.

You can proceed whichever way you see fit, but I would suggest you depart this evening. I’ve prepared suitable mounts to speed you across the plains, as necessary. I will also forward you a percentage of your earning to facilitate accommodations.

Travel well, friends … and good luck."


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