Gift of Eomar

The Memories

The group confront Thranka, who has utilized the equipment in the armory to arm herself appropriately. Sayer is able to diffuse the situation short of violence. They all continue towards the Asylum.

After crossing a small bridge high above the city streets below, they find Dixmont Asylum in a state of complete disorder. There are the echoes of those still confined far below mingled with the continual din of rodents moving freely throughout the chambers. Finding a passage marked as ‘Arcano-Misanthropical Interment’, they climbs the narrow stairs to investigate.

As they continue, they find the rats moving about the passages more and more numerous. It becomes apparent that not only are these rodents scurrying about the edges of the chambers and halls, but scrambling through the walls themselves.

They come upon a centralized chamber at the top of this parapet; there is a large rotary chair in the center and mysterious rune discs in a circling perimeter. To their horror they find a corpse in the chair. His entire head seems to have been gnawed off.

The heroes soon realize that they are in the midst of hundreds of rats now. They seem to hold value in an array of crystals throughout the chambers around the main room. When become agitated when Ogg disturbs the arrangement.

It seems that in the weeks prior, a prisoner in the tower had bent the rats to his will. Before they would commit themselves to whatever nefarious plot the prisoner had concocted, the Luminus Nocturne struck, disrupting all within the city of Khalsbrad.

It was heralded in the asylum by a dark figure, who set the crystals with some ill purpose. The horde of rats have used it as a sort of psychic sustenance. The companions had much discussion on the morality of such perverse creatures. They concluded that if the horde would abstain from devouring the arcane energy within the crystals that they could be sanctioned.

Feeling a little out of his element with the complicated arcane arrangement, Ogg gave Thadeous the crystal. The gnome felt a presence within; it was … familiar. With a gasp Thadeous recognized what he had in his hands. Memories of his childhood flooded over him. There was a love that he yearned for, paternal in nature. He had finally found what had been stolen from his father and soon reclaimed the crystal associated with his mother.

He disclosed briefly the sorry state of his beloved parents. Then after a few words of warning about the vile necromancer who had cost him so much, he wrapped about him his magic cloak and was off to return to his beloved parents.

Prisoner of Circumstance

The companions come together after their rest in the ‘rope trick’ brought about by Bartholomew. The more observant among them noticed the camaraderie between the young wizard and his friend Constance. It was earnest, familial. The disparity between their small friendship and the current tension between the companions was palpable.

Thadeous successfully removes the cursed affliction from Sayer. Though he recovered fully, Sayer still carries a darkness mood. He seems particularly distraught about being abandoned by his friend Ogg while he was suffering the curse.

The companions are given a key by Constance. Now with access to the Minutemen garrison proper. They come across a guard’s room, but find it of little use. They take an opportunity to outfit themselves in the armory, then continue on. While wandering the halls, they hear a disembodied whistling noise… They are unable to glean it’s origin right away.

They descent into the chambers below, finding more footnotes on local happenings in the militia. They also find a large clockwork elevator, but it seems out of order. They also find a large room with heavy desks and dossiers on recent criminal activity in Khalsbrad.

The companions continue on and find a small set of cells with a very alive, very unruly young woman within. She seems as wary of them as they of she, and hesitates to explain her situation in detail. Ogg is unconvinced of her good nature. He casts a spell that should keep her from falsifying her story, but senses that she is able to resist his charms.

They eventually release her. She panics a bit when they tell her of the current situation and there is a small altercation. She runs off in the scrum and is soon lost in the chambers above.

The group splits to find signs of Thranka. Akasha, Elbanor, The Hand and Thaddius find themselves searching another set of light cells. It seems that others had found themselves in a similar predicament as Thranka, to a grimmer end.

They are caught unaware by a grim specter, apparently attracted by some commotion nearby.


In a few chambers over, Sayer confronts Ogg, ready to crash into him with wave after wave of bad feelings. Through his pendant of mind reading he reveals a great sadness that he has been keeping to himself; a story of his crewmate’s malignant transformation. The loss he felt. The hope of a new companion in this orcish knight, and the betrayal he felt when Ogg left him to chase the next big monster. When this last use of the pendant is expanded, the ruby held within cracks.

It’s at this point that they hear the noise of their friends battling some ghastly creature.


Just before Sayer and Ogg rush into the fray, the abhorrent specter flashes a wave of necrotic energy outward. Finding the light to be painfully bright, everyone averts their eyes; with the exception of Thaddeus. He stares on into it’s deathly gaze, and falls over unconscious.

Watching his new friend collapse into a dreadfully pale pile of gnome, Elbenor calls out with the words of his divine power and banishes the specter. Ogg and Sayer rush in, painfully ignorant of much of the happenings. There is a little time left before the spell would consume in on itself.

They take position to engage this creature should it pull it’s way out of the banishment. There is but moments hanging in the air before the spell runs out of magik juice. They await with bated breath. Surely it will tear it’s way back in any moment.

They are shocked by the sound of Thranka whistling nearby, and with a bellowing roar Ogg runs up a flight of stairs towards the sound.

Rise of the Colossus

The heroes are confronted by Karth Drachum, twisted and malformed into a vicious death knight of the Black Guard. He was sent here to oversee the completion of the charnel monstrosity.

Combat ensues; On’ogg and his nemesis clashing in the most epic of ways. Karth fights a top a black stallion of nightmare for a time, but the creature eventually vanquished. Bereft of his dreadful steed, Karth undergoes a self induced transformation.


Nearly doubling in size Karth attacks with renewed intensity, swinging a giant axe with unholy strength. There is a bloodthirsty joy in his assault; he has truly become an aspect of death and destruction.

The companions remain steadfast, with Ogg bearing much of the brunt of the attacks. He lashes out radiant energy and is able to defeat his nemesis. A last look of confusion washes over Karth’s stupid face as he is destroyed. Ogg burns his remains with the flame of his vengeful sword.


Everyone takes the time to reconvene in the lower levels of the Auren stronghold to discuss the happenings. The graveyard colossus seems to have moved away from Balefire Egress and is now wading through the city. Any companions that had been suffering from signs of soul crushing apathy seem to have waves of relief wash over them as Karth’s second death is wrought in flame.

Jotun Borzegar recommits his Aurens to help the companions overthrow the evil in the tower, stating that when the time came he would be there to help. Until then he agreed to continue scouting the area, reclaiming supplies from the area. They would also hold the Temple at Balefire Egress, as it seems to hold some degree of power against the darkness.

With the Aurens appropriately tasked out, the companions decide to return to the Black Star Tavern. Two Auren scouts escort them to the tunnel systems within the city. About 100 paces from the stronghold, they notice that the group is being followed.

With animal cunning they loop around and catch their assailant unaware; toppling their query over directly. They find a peculiar little person. They claim to have some connection to Elbanor .. indeed, most of it’s form is a bland white with the exception of it’s right hand. It had the look of the same hand that Elbanor lost in the days prior.

The one striking feature of the Hand is it’s eyes; they mist over a deep black when it casts magic; which seems inherent to the being. The group knows not exactly what to do with this person, so they allow it to come along for now. Also, it seems able to change it’s appearance at will.

The group returns to the Black Star, does some things, then heads out to search for the Minuteman Compound. Still traveling in the sewers below, they elude contact with monstrous colossus. They meet little resistance. Small groups of rather stupid skeletal minions are scouring the tunnels, but they make short work of them.

Emerging in a side street near the compound, they creep along to the curtain wall circling the facility. Somebody attracts the attention of several skeletal archers, who appear in windows overlooking the open space. Ogg is hit, and is wracked by vengeful energy. He cannot find a straight way to dole out retribution to his attackers, and is caught in a quandary of sorts.

Thankfully, Elbanor takes the choice out of his hands by enveloping the entire area in dense fog. Ogg lowers a shoulder and charges the general area where he seen the door to the fortress to be. He plows headlong into it. Parts of the door collapse, but it holds. Determining that there is quite a bit of barricading on the inside, they endeavor to find an alternate route inside.

The archers seem befuddled by the dense cover of the fog and fail to give proper chase. Indeed, the Hand also seems rather confused by the scene and almost falls headlong over a terraced wall. Though the idea of experiencing a fall to their death seems new and exciting, they deem it necessary to survive some time longer (though they do not rule out an eventual nosedive for some other time).

The companions sidle down the edge of the wall a ways, eventually finding another entrance. They find several offices in a general state of destruction on the inside. A large gate blocks their advance in one direction, so they continue in the other direction.

What they find is a medical facility of sorts, with rooms full of files, ready rooms, examination rooms, etc. They are able to loot some useful herbs, but find little by way of clues. Moving on they come to a large open courtyard with signs of the barricade along one side, a long tower on the other and a long cabin across the way.

Investigating further they find a mound of corpses; some seem to be freshly brutalized soldiers while other seem to be medically preserved. The Hand takes the form of a young woman, not much out of her teenage years. She does so without much apprehension while the rest of the group look on horrified.

Before much interaction can ensue, a horrible creature lumbers out of the tower entrance way. No smaller than an ogre, it dragged a gore drenched body in it’s hand. Where it’s face should have been was only large round whole, circled with small pointy teeth. Gross!

The companions engage. At some point, the creature radiates a horrible magic. Sayer the Swashbuckler is blasted by it; he immediately suffers violent looking rashes on most of his upper body as his face swells grossly.

The companions eventually defeat the creature. They find Sayer severely debilitated by the curse and move to the cabin. They find a small morgue of sorts and clear a space to rest. Setting a guard, they settle in.

When Ogg has his turn for watch, he slips out into the night. He goes to investigate the tower by himself. He finds the bottom level drenched in blood and gore, with a few limbs thrown sporadically around. He continues up the tower by himself, finding a haphazard barricade at the top of several flights of stairs. It seems several Minutemen made a last stand here. The barricade was in shambles.

Akasha and Elbanor notice that Ogg is missing and slip out to recover him. They start up the tower, finding him fumbling with a contraption that seems to move large ballista up through the ceiling. With combined efforts, they figure out how to use the device to kind of auto-load a huge seigebreaker on top of the tower.

They accidentally drop a massive bolt off the tower, spiking violently near the cabin below, which wakes up the rest of the group. Though they want to come aid, they are encumbered by Sayer’s unfortunate growths.

With Akasha watching through a distance finder below, Ogg and Elbanor begin firing the uber-ballista at the colossus. The first blasts is lost visually until it hits a building nearby the colossus. The near miss causes the hulking mass to begin moving from it’s place across the city.

Elbenor casts a light spell on the tip of the next projectile, illuminating it so that they could watch it’s progress. They fire again, and watch it streak across the sky, blasting the colossus in it’s hulking mass. Hit!

With the bolts now lighting up the sky, they seem to notice a reaction from the Tower of Solastarum. They continue to fire on the colossus, scoring several hits among a few misses. At this point large flying creatures begin assailing them, attempting to knock them from the summit of the tower. One final blast is needed, as they expose the core of the creature.

Ogg and Elbenor strike out. Direct hit! The creature goes down. As they flee, several more flying beasts almost succeed in knocking Elbenor to his death, but Ogg succeeds in holding his friend fast. Finding Akasha below, they flee down into the tower.

They meet up with the rest of their friends and run back to the medical facilities, barely making it before the flying beasts close on their position. They run into Bartholomew and Constance, who brings news of a mad gnome held deep within the Dixmont Asylum who should have knowledge of the Tower of Solastarum.

Bartholomew opens a ‘rope trick’, allowing a safe place to recover while they all plan their next move.

Reunion at Balefire Egress

The companions assist in the recovery of Elbanor. Though On’ogg is able to heal him, his hand is lost in the process. After sending Margot, Bartholomew and Constance back to the Black Star Hideout, they decide to investigate the strange lights emanating from the nearby Balefire Egress.

They move through the Cedar Quarter, careful to not attract any unwanted attention. A peculiar figure, bereft of strong description follows some distance behind, strangely compelled to find them. The companions are largely unaware of it’s presence, and it becomes easily distracted by wonderful new sensations as it progresses along.


The companions find their way to the edge of a large park, the bulk of which is in the shape of a shallow bowl with a large stone pavilion in the center. A dense mist with a sickly green hue settles on the area. Where they had once seen signs of ten or so large green fires burning, now they find only four.

Moving forward, they find a large mob of skeletal horrors locked in combat with large beasts. The creatures move at a speed that makes it difficult to discern much detail. Though they fight with great ferocity, the seem to find the numbers of their assailants overwhelming. A pair of skeletal warrior move among them, causing much havoc.

The companions rush in to fight off the abhorrent undead, finding themselves fighting alongside several large werewolves. This continues for a short time. Suddenly a fiery blast emanating from the temple entrance destroys several adversaries directly among the companions. The magic seems to bend around them, sculpted in an all too familiar fashion. They turn to see their old friend Thadeous Wobblegrinder among the combatants!

With their combined efforts, they are able to destroy the pair of lich brothers. The werewolves seemed to not be hostile, so they all convened within the structure, where the large beasts turned back into several dwarven priests. One had fallen in combat. All but one filed down into the structure below.

The lone dwarf introduced himself as Jotun Borzegar, a member of the the Aurens. He explained his sect to be non-denominational clerics in the service of honoring the dead among the city of Khalsbrad. The companions were at first apprehensive, but soon realized that Jotun and his brothers provided a great service to those in the city.

Taciturn and solitary, the Aurens performed the vast majority of the burial rites for the departed of Khalsbrad. With their great respect for their work, the dwarves found the desecration of the area profoundly vexing. They gave the companions food and shelter, and were soon convinced to join in their efforts to assault the source of evil within the Tower of Solastarum, when the time came.

The group relished the reprieve from the dangers of the city, outfitting themselves as best they could and debriefing Thaddeus of his own adventures. Akasha found the werewolves to be profoundly beautiful, finding fellowship with their struggles. Sayer assessed their equipment stores. Ogg thoughtfully asked of Jotun more information on their work.

Finding the young orc to be sincere and trustworthy, Jotun brought him to a ritual held behind closed doors. Ogg witnessed them giving a ceremony to their fallen comrade. Though he found some aspects of the ritual disturbing, he remained respectfully quiet in the back. Jotun later explained that since they were unable to return their dead back to the stone, that the blood concord would serve.

After gathering their strength, the decide to attempt to signal the Callehad. Sayer and Thaddeus hold the main level with the Auren warriors. Ogg and Akasha ready themselves on the spiral steps of the pavilion. Crawford and Elbanor climb the parapet above and prepare to relay the signal light.

As they transmit the message, they notice the last of the green bonfires is extinguished. A deep rumbling seems to be shaking the grounds all around the temple. A great shifting throws tumbling rock in all directions, the earth itself was rising. The companions look on in horror as a gigantic arm took shape from the turned cemetery ground, pulling up more and more as a colossus unearthed itself.

When it was about waist height, it reared back it’s huge fist as to strike the top of the parapet. Just as Crawford and Elbanor finished their transmission and fled back into the tower, the arm crashed down. A flash of bright light enveloped all as the stonework first shook, then resisted the assault. Indeed, vast chunks of earth bouldered down on the grounds around the temple.

Then from the mists marched another mob of skeletal horrors, this one with a Black Rider among their numbers. He lifted a dreadful hand and pointed to those taking refuge within, and when prodded into response by Sayer’s provocation, responded in orcish ‘you will all die this night’ before laughing horribly. Throwing off his mantle, he revealed himself as Karth Drachum, twisted by a horrible undeath.

Things Lost and Found

The heroes fall back to the Black Star to establish the best coarse of action. They decide to search for Margot DeVry, considering her to be not only an asset to their cause, but their responsibility.

They navigate the tunnels below the city, emerging topside within the Cedar Quarter, normally a fashionable area of town. Investigating the area, they find the Gilded Goose Inn, where they know Margot to have been last seen. Finding several cleverly made traps intact, they venture forth with new found hope. Indeed, they find not only Margot, but her colleague Bartholomew along with his regular escort, Constance.

While they debate the plan of leaving their defended position, Sayer and Constance both witness a group of dark riders in the streets outside. A sheer panic overwhelms them both, spinning their psyche out of control. They are deeply affected for a time, but the group eventually ventured outside again.

They move towards the southern curtain wall, where they knew the Callehad to have been docked, but they found it to have taken flight and was now airborne. Periodically the ship would send a volley at the barrier, but it seemed to have little effect.

Thoroughly perturbed, the companions felt themselves falling into the depths of despair. Dissatisfied with the lack of definitive information about the barrier in front of them, Elbanor strode forward and pushed his hand into the dark energy. His body began to convulse in wracking fits as his lifeforce was sucked out through his arm.

Energy burned his appendage up to his elbow; in it’s wake was left an ashy shell of his arm. A cold wind blew through the area, shattering the remains into a fine dust. He watched it be carried away as he fell unconscious.

Luminus Nocturne (Part II)
Night of Lights

The heroes flee into the sewers, accompanied by Katell Crawford and Breuggar, a few sell swords found in the same predicament. Breuggar reveals a rudamentary knowledge of the sewers.

The tunnel systems were developed by the governing Houses as an apparent act of civil development, new to the city and outside the original design plans of the city. In reality, they were constructed for the benefit of the House’s alternative business opportunities, shielding their movement from the prying eyes of Master Madrygos, should he ever return to his typical scrutiny of their actions.

The group encounter several bandits who upon sight of the heroes, flee deeper into the tunnels. The group dispatch one while another escapes, running forward to deactivate a drainage system. Water begins to fill the chamber, pressing the heroes onward at a rapid pace. During the scrum Breuggar is trapped by a closed gate and is left behind.

The group forge on, crossing into a well kept tavern. Still having vague signs of being part of the subterranean tunnels, the ‘BLACK STAR’ seems to be the main hideout of the bandits. The companions have a brief altercation with their leader, Boswell Dunbar before a collapse in the ceiling above brings down a horrible creature seeking to snuff out their lives.

Though for a time Sayer is wholly swallowed by it’s horrific maw, the combined effort of his friends and Boswell’s terrified bandits are able to slay the creature. Boswell is soon informed by his scouts of the peril above ground and sees to the preparations needed to evacuate his people.

With the aid of Boswell’s scout, the group venture above to see for themselves what is happening in the streets. They emerge in a back alley; ominous windows bereft of any signs of life seem to stare down at them like menacing eyes. They creep along, climbing a barrier wall for a better vantage.

From the wall above, they found that several districts of the city were ablaze. A series of strange green lights circled a small temple in the middle of fields in the southern district of Khalsbrad. A violent explosion blasted heavy stones from a squat building to the north, from which several small figures could be seen floating down eerily to the city below. Adjacent to the smaller building a formidable fortress with towering spires.

A mass of moving creatures rotated around the upper half of the Tower of Solastarum. Suddenly the gears of the tower began creaking to life. As they looked on, a dark storm of energy seemed to billow from the machinery come to life, as if bleeding from the Tower itself. It congealed in a huge, circular mass at the apex, then with a surge of energy erupted from the top like a geyser. It billowed out in a huge circle overhead, falling like a dark curtain around the curtain wall of the city.

The companions looked on aghast, taking in the harsh reality of destruction around them. Khalsbrad had fallen to a dark foe beyond reckoning and as far as they could tell, they were the only people capable of doing anything about it.

Luminus Nocturne (Part I)
Night of Lights

Finally reunited with Akasha, the heroes depart Boros on Callehad with a heading for Khalsbrad, intent on making use of the tools of the arcane within the Tower of Solastarum to find the whereabouts of the elven exile.

Several days of travel bring them deep into the northern reaches, the cold weather becoming more and more apparent as they draw nearer to Khalsbrad. The companions finally reach the city in the evening, docking on the outer rim of the city walls and venturing forth. Captain Castien takes note of a slight peculiarity. In the past he found a certain warmth among intellectual populace lingering among the gothic structures; students debating around huge stone hearths and dazzling exhibitions of practical magics for crowds of onlookers to appreciate. Now the streets seem riddled by seedy fellows with grim visages.

Suddenly there are several bursts that ring out through the city. Looking up at the Tower in the distance, they see that the blasts are originating from one of the upper parapets of Solastarum, illuminating the night sky with explosions. People begin creeping from households and taverns to witness and discuss with uncertain faces these ominous portents.

After a minute or so the lights subside, leaving the onlookers to their grim thoughts. The sense of uneasiness grows with every moment. Hadn’t the Tower been quiet for months now? What was Madrygos up to? The tension seems to spur the companions to action; the begin move quickly through the crowd, eager to close the distance to the Tower.

Then came the awful grinding noise, like huge machinery all around them. The companions were at a full run at this point, Castien himself leaping forward in great bounds. They found their progress halted abruptly by thick metal sheets closing in an aperture in front of them, closing off a gate. About twenty paces to their rear a similar gate was closing, cutting them off from Castien and trapping them in this passageway.

There was a loud shattering as pieces of glass fell from above; something rather large had crashed through an upper window of the building. Panicked shrieks could be heard from within. A stunned merchant staggering near Sayer was plucked bodily by another creature, taken right off the street and carried into the night sky.

A few gruff looking veterans began peeling the sewer cover from one of the ground vents and escaped below. Flames exploded another window nearby, the heat could be felt billowing forth from within. Thoroughly stunned by the scene, the companions follow the veterans into the sewers. Another creature attempts to abscond with Ogg but finds his resistance more than capable to deflect the attacks. With one final look at the street above, Ogg pulls the cover closed and the companions flee into the sewers.

The Sideshow

The companions poke around a few tents, well used but bereft of occupants. They also try their hand at games of luck and skill. Eventually they come upon a large, rather derelict looking house.


Inside they find keepsakes and heirlooms of all kinds. Pressing in towards the inner rooms, they notice a strange substance seems to convert many of the treasures. Like thick magenta tendrils, they seem to emanate from a parlor ahead.

Inside they come upon the horrific visage of a winged creature cradling the husk of some poor should in its arms. The air within is dense with the pinkish hue that seems to cover everything. Next to the creature sits Akasha Delithrang, who turns eyes completely blackened towards her former companions.


There is a scuffle as the broken husk moves to engage the trespassers; Akasha herself binds some of the attackers into stasis. The winged creature takes a step and slides into another plane.

Amid the chaos the an elven girl approaches On’ogg from behind, urging him and his friends to take Akasha far away from this place. The next moment she is gone. The husk slumps to the ground and Akasha returns to normal.

As they move to escape, they are confronted by a mob of vicious sideshow creatures led by a macabre Ringleader and dozens of carnies.


The heroes are confronted by Rowan Mauldenthorn, recognized by Akasha as the ringleader. Accompanied by strange and terrible members of the sideshow act and a host of carnies, Rowan engages the heroes, attempting to steal back Akasha.

Rowan strikes out with dark magic and throws his forces at the group. He is eventually defeated, though the victory came at some cost. Feeling somewhat depleted, Akasha opens up a portal into a cottage of relative safety. They set watch and recover their strength. Late in the watch, Akasha notices that the corpses of the fallen from the hours before have been removed. Investigating further, they notice the smoke of fire deeper in the trees.

The group investigate an abandoned campsite, finding the charred remains of the carnies. Deep ruts have been carved into the mud; a wagon of some sort had been wheeled out of the area. They pursue, following the tracks. Akasha summons a badger.

For almost a full day they continue their trek, daring not to venture further off the path. Hours pass until they finally see signs of their query. They approach the site, a large wooden carriage with a cozy fire burning outside sit idle on the side of the road. They enter the carriage and find Vostok Ivanovich himself within, sitting in a large, ornate chair. His voice billows out, tinny and disconnected. It seems to emanate from his general direction rather than his corporal form.

He attempts to strike a bargain, acknowledging that his power has been depleted. Piles of gold and powerful trinkets, for the soul of Akasha. He covets the young elf and is eager to add her again to his menagerie. The heroes decline outright. Suddenly the walls fall away and the group find themselves outside again.

Figures begin stalking out of the woods surrounding the camp, wooden marionettes serving as macabre parodies of man. Vostok himself grows in size, his limp figure lifted out of the chair as if by strings tethered to some giant hand. Dark magics transform the marionette into a large, horrific face with jagged rows of teeth. Several long, disjointed limbs stretch from the circling black void below the giant face. A portal swirls into for from his rear and three more marionettes run forth.


Each wears a unique mask; one of crimson flame, one of noxious violet and one of frantic splays of emerald. Spidery words spew forth from Vostok’s maw, the incantations of magic. One of the grossly elongated limbs pluck the marionette with the flaming mask and drops it into the maw. The molten mask materializes on Vostok and the horde of marionettes now engaging with the heroes begin blasting forth gouts of flame.

After a time, the mask breaks and falls away. He then plucks another of the masked marionettes from the crowd, consuming it as well. The dark purple mask of death now frames ‘his’ face, the crowd of underlings explode and desecrate the land when they fall in combat. There is a billowing screech of some large creature flying overhead, out of site.

Again the mask breaks and falls away; the third marionette is consumed and a green mask of hysteria covers Vostok. The horde now attempts to bring the heroes close, driving them mad with a lunatic’s gaze.

Ogg engages directly with Vostok while Sayer handles many of the mannequins. Much of the area now ablaze from the earlier torrents, the heroes are in dire straights. Elbenor casts healing spells on the group before being driven momentarily mad and flees the area. Akasha throws forth spells before being struck by several mannequins.

Suddenly a roar tears through the clearing and a massive creature lands nearby the young elf. A large creature with powerful wings and scales vibrantly colored in hues of red and purple begins wreaking destruction against the mannequins.

8dd2275a3d9608c9e162d01e4315770b.jpg The wyvern gives the heroes a slight reprieve, allowing them to focus their efforts on Vostok and they are able to land the killing blow. He billows out in fury as the void consumes him. All that is left is the large corpse of a rather tall man, strong in features but ordinary.

Bending magics to her will, Akasha speaks to the regal wyvern. He offers his gratitude for her having released him from his bonds so long ago. She asks him what he will do now and he responds that he has no plan besides flying free, which Akasha realizes is a plan in and of itself. She clasps a worn key around her neck as the wyvern takes flight and departs.

The group notice a screech as Pompoko flees from the treeline. They investigate and find Odilla hastily making runes in the ground. She opens a portal and allows the heroes to travel through the shadow realm back to the ship.

A Note in the Night

Sayer awakens with a start, the feeling all too familiar as of late. Failing to find much company to share drink aboard the Callehad this evening he had retired early (well.. by swashbuckling standards anyways). With their purpose renewed, the elves were poor company. He resolved to get some air.

He found it quiet topside, dark. Though the deck of the Callehad certainly had it’s familiarities; the thick scent of timber and the creaking of well oiled rigging, he could never be at home here. Missing was the gentle caressing of the sea, the soft spray of her roiling waves.

Standing at the port side he scanned over Boros, the city settling into a sleep that so evaded him. With a crooked grin he conceded that the Harpy never had a view quite like this.

Noticing a light casting him in shadow from behind, Sayer turned to see who else couldn’t find sleep.

Before him stood the slight form of an elven maiden, adorned in a shining gossamer slip of robes. She was painfully beautiful, even by Aelostrian standards. Radiant white hair fell in swift layers around her delicate face. In her eyes could be found a deep sadness. She stared up at Sayer, no more than three paces from him.


Sayer found himself frozen in place; words alluded him. The light he discerned came from no torch. It framed her, seemed to emanate from her soft, delicate skin. Before he could say a word, the young elf raised a hand, offered to him a thick fold of paper. Her eyes seemed to be pleading. Raising an eyebrow Sayer accepted the missive and just as he opened his mouth to speak there was a flash of light. A brisk wind blew in from the bay, carrying with it the salt of the ocean.

Once again he stood alone on the deck.


Awaking his friends, the companions open the parcel, finding therein four exclusive tickets to the Bacchanal of Oddities and Antiquities. Calling on Castien, they venture forth some way from town to a staging area, their thoughts on their absent friend Akasha Delithrang. Finding a tent with apparent magical properties, they each hold their ticket and step forth. Without a ticket for himself, Castien seems unable to continue, confirmed some time later through rigorous trial and error.

Outfitting the Callehad

With leads from Captain Castien, the group work towards outfitting the Callehad for it’s voyage north to the Clockwork Tower of Solastarium and beyond.

They are successful in retrieving the resources from the mining claim of Gordon Stonethrow, though in doing so they found the fate of the lost miners. A particularly rich vein of the precious metals wound down into the depths of the cavern, from which a host of crystal spiders skittered forth. A timely use of ‘Rope Trick’ and some particularly fierce pyrotechnics drove back the clutch, allowing the group to mine the resources by torchlight.

With their end of the bargain complete, Gordon reinforces the hull with panels of Skystone.


Avoiding an evening of drinking with the others, On’ogg wanders into the tinkershop of Wilhelm von Keurig where he is tasked with retrieving a wrongly delivered package from Wilhelm’s chief adversary, Conroy Leipshneitz. It seems that instead of sending Conroy a celebratory victory cake, he sent his former intellectual colleague the complete research notes meant for the offices of the ‘Scientific League of Thinkers’.

Wilhelm offhandedly sends Ogg into the recent past to rectify the issue, where he eats a large lemon cake in a nearby cafe. Noticing the small figure of Wilhelm delivering the package in the dark of night, Ogg confronts him only to find time/space fold in on itself. With another try, he simply lifts the delivered package, replacing it with the intended dessert parcel.

With all as it should be, Wilhelm begins the installation of his prototype telescope onto the deck of the Callehad.


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