Archon's Fall


What began as a hunting lodge for Archon Tourek and his companions to operate from later developed into a hub of activity and information in the region. Here fortune hunters gathered to take on commissions from around the land. It was a grand era of adventure.

It was at this time that Archon founded the Explorer’s League, adding system and order to the environment and the guild flourished under his leadership.

After his passing, Archon’s son Aetherion accepted command of the Explorer’s League and continued the vision that his father had set. Using the economic gains to fund the progress of the community, Lord Aetherion Tourek broke ground and began construction of Archon’s Fall, the fortified garrison for the guild.

In a few short decades, the supporting marketplace for the fortress has grown to include residential neighborhoods, spiritual centers, recreation areas and other accommodations. Today the moniker of ’Archon’s Fall’ assumes both the guild’s garrison as well as the established township around the complex.


Archon's Fall

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