Ironbellow Clan


The Ironbellow Clan is an exclusively orc-based mercenary company and are disinterested in what some may consider ‘questionable ethics’ when taking on work. Accepting assignments that the Explorer’s League deems ‘untouchable’, the Ironbellow have carved out a niche market of their own in the region.

Headed by Yaaz Jiguura the Unyielding, a veteran of countless battlefields, the Ironbellow Clan has made a considerable profit on taking on work that the Explorer’s League would not come near, often undermining Aetherion Tourek’s efforts directly or otherwise. The two are sworn enemies with diametrically opposed principles.

The only thing preventing open war between the factions is Aetherion’s disinterest in bloodshed of his colleagues. For Yaaz it’s less idealistic – there’s little coin involved in such open warfare.

Ironbellow Clan

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