Journal Entry from Darrowmere Catacombs

(You flip through mundane entries of daily life in Darrowmere. There is a long break in the regular journal entries before they begin again…)

Avril 6
The time for action is truly at hand, he says. Then why leave us here? He has taken the rest. “…To the site of the Gift…” This place is much quieter with only Kiryn and me here to stand sentry. Who could they possibly think would come here?

Avril 8
Kiryn has been spending much of her time in the ceremony chamber. When I found her today she seemed to be having a conversation, though nobody was there with her. What a strange girl! Perhaps I’ll suggest that she go up for a walk in the open air.

Avril 9
I woke today to find Kiryn not in her cot. I found her roaming the hallways of the catacombs. There was a gash across her hand bleeding openly, though she didn’t seem to notice. I accompanied her back to the main chamber, where we spent the rest of the day.

Avril 10
The ceremony chamber transformed overnight! Our blessed one has rewarded us for our penitence. Any day now it will be with us! Kiryn doesn’t speak to me anymore, but she doesn’t have to. I totally understand!

Avril 11
The walls … they pulse with their own life! What marvelous new power have we awakened? I have decided to stand vigil with Kiryn to usher in its arrival

Journal Entry from Darrowmere Catacombs

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