High in the Ironback Mountains lies the city of Khalsbrad. Within the city rises the Tower of Solastarum, from which Master Madrygos governs the region.

Stark and beautiful, Khalsbrad shines as a gem in the north, a destination for intellectual minds to study and commune in the Tower of Solastarum. As an extension, Khalsbrad has grown wealthy by the traveling scholars and their concord of knowledge seekers.


The city is well capable of protecting itself, as proven in the The Giant Gate Wars from decades past. Heavy canons still loom out of the towering spires above. Khalsbrad was able to deflect the pillaging clans of giants as they invaded settlements with it’s huge walls and defensible position among the craggy mountain terrain. Madrygos himself stood upon the walls, commanding troops and raining brimstone upon the attackers, often working alongside Ahrumaz and her Alabaster Aegis.

The standing army has long since disbanded, transitioned to inactive soldiers. Officers drill the forces monthly, to keep sharp the spear for a time of need. The duty is almost universally viewed by the part-timers as merely an additional revenue stream. It had fizzled over the years to little more than a well organized militia with well kept uniforms.

Though peace and order pervade the streets of Khalsbrad, a turn down the wrong alleyway can give one an uneasy feeling. Several of the House families partake in rather enterprising business; racketeering, fencing, illegal export, etc. Though condemned by Master Madrygos, this activity has since grown more pervasive over the recent years.


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