The Fall of Tartaros

Gift of Eomar Part III


You’ve walked the lands of the first men and in His Imperium found a coven of darkest evil …an unholy power threatening all of humanity like a cankerous tumor. At it’s head, a prophet of doom wearing the words of his Master as a cloak.

The visions gifted to Norr’zhogg could not deliver him from his fate, meted out by you and yours. Yet the seeds of chaos have ought been sewn.

The mighty Imperium approaches complete collapse, buckling under the weight of tragedy and strife. Every day sees the disappearance of the elven people from the world. The wealthy few of Collabria lead lives of opulence, ignorant of the woes of lesser society. The very land itself cracks and burns, scorched by the onslaught of a relentless sun.

Yet still you persist. In a world of heroes you remain peerless, your achievements the fabric of mythos. Gather your strength, for though you’ve accomplished much, your finest hour is yet to come ..and anything short of such could bring the world as you know it to it’s knees.