Gift of Eomar



You’ve unraveled the machinations of Sytheria, hunting the Exile to the edges of civilization. In your pursuit you uncovered a startling development; there exists a set of colossal streams of raw energy surging from the far reaches of the world itself.

A power that drew the Exile like a moth to flame.

Powers that were meant to quell the mind of a God.

The World Chains of Agartha, fabled site to the faithful and the dutiful alike. Known as Taaloma un Torak (Forge of Souls) to the dwarves, crafted by the hammer of Rhorxammar himself. Believed by the Order of the Alabaster Aegis to be the hallowed ground where their valiant Ahrumaz ascended to the realm of light. Established in the chronicles as the historical site where the Giant Gate Wars came to its terminus.

You walked its halls, finding that which has turned its ruinous eye on the world once again. Once and for all you vanquished Sytheria and escaped the Halls of the Exalted One, a strange place between worlds strewn about a charnel field of slaughtered stars.

Though Exeter has fallen, you walk the land again with a resolve renewed. You’ve witnessed the madness of the Exalted One; it is a future that cannot come to pass. With this purpose you seek allies and armaments alike that can be held in defense of the world as you know it.