Gift of Eomar Part IV


“Well now, look at you! You lot don’t look no worse for wear. That’s what I always tell folks; ‘My friends can take a lickin’, but they never look no worse for wear!’ Tis true, really. Everyone I see, make sure to tell them just that.”

“Been a strange sort of day, hasn’t it? It’s hard work saving the world. I feel like I could kick my feet up on a table, grab at the back of my noggin’ with both hands and say just that. Has a nice ring to it, know what I mean? ’It’s hard work saving the world,’ and a crowd of simple folk trip over themselves to bring you an ale. Sounds nice.”

“Not sure I quite trust your new friend ..but s’pose he’s pleasant enough. You think he can really bring us to another world? I thought this one was crazy enough! I imagine all sorts of peculiarities from a place that one calls home. Every sort, mind you.”

“He mentioned something about a sister, didn’t he? Do you think we’ll get to meet her? I think I would like that very much. I’ve seen all sorts of sisters and brothers and they’re all very interesting. I suspect those from other words would only be more so, don’t you agree?”

“..and what of that big rift in the ocean? Someone called it a cat-a-cat? Not sure what it has to do with those feline pests. I figure one of those booksmart types are crafting a giant cork or some such thing. True sense in that, I can understand the notion. Sure would like to see the thing before they drop it in the water. Now that I think about it, I’d like to see the chasm as well. Must be wonderfully interesting.”

“Well then, the day is as ripe as a melon and we’ve so much yet to do …I wonder if you’ve a few more steps left in those boots of yours..? Reckon it’s time to see this thing through!”

- Baatu the Wanderer