Gift of Eomar

A Gathering of Captains

The companions gather what they know from the private journal of Bisbing the Captain Eater and tie up the loose ends at Sastasha Seagrotto. They decide to allow Trixxy Kee to take residence within the Seagrotto. They also bring sailer Brock into a sort of indentured servitude as a pittance towards redemption for his crimes.

They also bring news of their deeds to the Untergnomes, gaining the peculiar colony as a subterranean ally if they should have need. They also are introduced to the Unterberry, a seemingly benevolent fungus entity caring for the Untergnomes from the depths of their lair.

Returning to Gorganhelm, they find the denizens of the city in a buzz. An imperial frigate lay anchored some ways out in the bay, accompanied by a contingent of battle cruisers. There’s talk of all out war between the Aelostrian and the Imperium. Some even whisper that some dastardly move by the elves have drawn the traditionally neutral dwarven nation of Rorxammar into the conflict, aimed at the elves.

With the assistance of Morinth, the companions are reunited with Jotun Borzegar and the Aurens.

The companions decide to gain send an envoy to the Captain’s Moot being held that evening. Doing so they hope to gain a voice in the goings on; or at least gain a better understanding of the general reaction of the local political powers.

The companions make to ready the ship recently run by the Briny Barnacle gang, thereby qualifying to join the Moot. They attempt to rouse Castien Vauldra from the depression he has been stricken with, but they find him too enveloped with sorrow to be of immediate use.

Pivoting with expertise, they decide that Sayer must fit the bill. Quickly they make effort to ready both the vessel and the swashbuckler alike. With some effort, the group along with Zorbastorum dress Sayer up appropriately.

It is at this time that On’ogg and Marobar Sul discuss Ahrumaz kor’Javed, the Glorenfauzt and the World Chains of Agartha.

With no small effort the Hand and Akasha prepare their new vessel for display. They appoint Brock as temporary skipper and make way for the bay.

Sayer and On’Ogg mingle with the ‘dignitaries’ among the meeting just as their absent colleagues make way through the cove. Through no small amount of nautical shenanigans, they gain the attention of all present.


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