Gift of Eomar

Blood Sport

The companions spend the rest of their first night in the city of Boros advancing their own personal tasks. Cone morning, they convene on the deck of the Callehad, where an attendant to Castien hand delivers a message from the absent Captain.

He had gained an appointment with Edwin McGuillicutty, a decadent noble and power player in the City of Boros. Castien had suggested that Edwin had at his estate a rather thorough collection of literature on the region. Perhaps it could illuminate clues in their search for Sytheria?

The companions also note that Akasha doesn’t seem to have checked in.

They continue to the McGuillicutty Estate, where the corpulent Edwin offers access to his stores of knowledge if the companions agree to register for the Boros Tournament under the McGuillicutty banner. After stone discussion they agree.

They are immediately ushered to the arena, where they barely make late registration. They agree to contend with the blunted weapons provided and within the hour they find themselves walking up a Sandy ramp from under the structure to the colosseum floor.

Introduced as the Singing Swords for House McGuillicutty, they face off against a powerful figure known only as Helios, fighting for ‘The Concord’. Helios, a heavily armored warrior with the ability to levitate, fold the space around him and control several suspended swords that he uses both for attacking his target and protection.

After an intense battle in which Elbanor shatters a derelict sword, Helios is defeated.

While the rest of the group depart, Elbanor lingers to see what the commotion it’s on the stands. He gives medical aid to a dragonkin merchant who had caught shrapnel from the arena while spectating the bout.

The next day they find themselves pitted against a gnomish tinkerer and his steam golem. They find that not only does it pack a heavy lunch, but the gnome that shields himself inside is able to spew forth a napalm substance, turning the arena into an inferno.

They eventually crack his protective layer and the tinkerer submits. Pleased with his preliminary results, he mentions looking forward to facing off against them with his Mk.II in next year’s tourney.

Moving on to the finals, the group side to stay and watch the rest of the semi finals. They witness a lithe warrior mounted on a great worm beast facing of against some sort of ferocious canine combatant paired with a downright violent looking minotaur gladiator.

Though the lithe warrior and his pet worm fought well, they were ultimately defeated. The group found out in graphic detail that if they were fighting on the terms ood Jaa’kuu and Kazz the Minotaur, it would be a fight to the death.

With the morning came a sense of unease. One way or another, the companions make their way to the colosseum for the last time.

After a bit of pageantry, the match begins. True to form, Kazz barrels into the group, swinging his maul in dealt arcs. Jaa’kuu closes in on Thaddeus, trying to dispatch the wizard. Og and Sayer are left to keep the minotaur occupied.

Just as the beast man begins a vicious assault on the magic user, Wobblegrinder blasts him with force energy, covering him on a layer of kinetic stasis.

Sayer it’s beaten back by the minotaur and is fortuitously lifted on a raising pillar. He slips off the other side, disengaging completely. Noticing a few jeers from the crowd, he turns to address them with arms raised. A wooden goblet is hurled from the stands and he deftly catches it in his grasp, retaining almost all of the liquid within. With a flourish he gulps down the draft, bows quickly and returns to the fray.

Meanwhile On’Ogg is left to deal with the full ferocity of Kazz. The minotaur feints aside and casts down his greatmaul, pulling the paladin into his grip, battering him against the column and the ground.

Recovering his position atop the column, Sayer vaults onto the back of the preoccupied minotaur, cling on as Kazz barrels forward in an attempt to gore Ogg.

With Sayer assaulting him, Kazz’s charge is


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