Gift of Eomar

On the Path

The group investigates Darrowmere in earnest, coming to the Godsreach Gardens and speaking to some acolytes of the Church of the Verdant Thicket. They find the attendants unhelpful, but do learn the name of a local conservationist by the name of Miraak.

They continued across to the Darrowmere Municiple Building, looking for more information on the happenings around town. They find out that Miraak is a bit of an extremest in regard to his conservation efforts. They also find out that he hasn’t been seen in town for some time.

Soon Hergen Blaythe arrives to deliver them a message. Morinth Rheinhardt has been seeking them out; she’s about to go investigate reports of a strange occurrence outside of town. The group follows her.

They find the mangled remains of a large cave bear. The group take a moment to discuss the oddity of a deep bear so far up in the mountains; it’s very unnatural. A second cave bear skulks into the clearing, engaging the group in an intense combat. Morinth is clearly shaken up.

Tasking the group with investigating a site she believes could be the clandestine meeting place of whatever group is involved with these machinations, Morinth falls back to report to Lord Aetherion Tourek in Archon’s Fall.

The group take the long hike to Crescent Hill, the site of the old Chapel of Sacred Ashes. While en route, they encounter a strange figure who calls himself Baatu. He gives the group a disturbing premonition. With a large puff from his pipe, he enshrouds himself with thick smoke and takes his leave again.

Finally, the companions arrive at the foot of Crescent Hill. They stand by the lone light post on this dreary path and look up to the ruins of the Chapel.


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