Gift of Eomar

Outfitting the Callehad

With leads from Captain Castien, the group work towards outfitting the Callehad for it’s voyage north to the Clockwork Tower of Solastarium and beyond.

They are successful in retrieving the resources from the mining claim of Gordon Stonethrow, though in doing so they found the fate of the lost miners. A particularly rich vein of the precious metals wound down into the depths of the cavern, from which a host of crystal spiders skittered forth. A timely use of ‘Rope Trick’ and some particularly fierce pyrotechnics drove back the clutch, allowing the group to mine the resources by torchlight.

With their end of the bargain complete, Gordon reinforces the hull with panels of Skystone.


Avoiding an evening of drinking with the others, On’ogg wanders into the tinkershop of Wilhelm von Keurig where he is tasked with retrieving a wrongly delivered package from Wilhelm’s chief adversary, Conroy Leipshneitz. It seems that instead of sending Conroy a celebratory victory cake, he sent his former intellectual colleague the complete research notes meant for the offices of the ‘Scientific League of Thinkers’.

Wilhelm offhandedly sends Ogg into the recent past to rectify the issue, where he eats a large lemon cake in a nearby cafe. Noticing the small figure of Wilhelm delivering the package in the dark of night, Ogg confronts him only to find time/space fold in on itself. With another try, he simply lifts the delivered package, replacing it with the intended dessert parcel.

With all as it should be, Wilhelm begins the installation of his prototype telescope onto the deck of the Callehad.


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