Gift of Eomar

Prisoner of Circumstance

The companions come together after their rest in the ‘rope trick’ brought about by Bartholomew. The more observant among them noticed the camaraderie between the young wizard and his friend Constance. It was earnest, familial. The disparity between their small friendship and the current tension between the companions was palpable.

Thadeous successfully removes the cursed affliction from Sayer. Though he recovered fully, Sayer still carries a darkness mood. He seems particularly distraught about being abandoned by his friend Ogg while he was suffering the curse.

The companions are given a key by Constance. Now with access to the Minutemen garrison proper. They come across a guard’s room, but find it of little use. They take an opportunity to outfit themselves in the armory, then continue on. While wandering the halls, they hear a disembodied whistling noise… They are unable to glean it’s origin right away.

They descent into the chambers below, finding more footnotes on local happenings in the militia. They also find a large clockwork elevator, but it seems out of order. They also find a large room with heavy desks and dossiers on recent criminal activity in Khalsbrad.

The companions continue on and find a small set of cells with a very alive, very unruly young woman within. She seems as wary of them as they of she, and hesitates to explain her situation in detail. Ogg is unconvinced of her good nature. He casts a spell that should keep her from falsifying her story, but senses that she is able to resist his charms.

They eventually release her. She panics a bit when they tell her of the current situation and there is a small altercation. She runs off in the scrum and is soon lost in the chambers above.

The group splits to find signs of Thranka. Akasha, Elbanor, The Hand and Thaddius find themselves searching another set of light cells. It seems that others had found themselves in a similar predicament as Thranka, to a grimmer end.

They are caught unaware by a grim specter, apparently attracted by some commotion nearby.


In a few chambers over, Sayer confronts Ogg, ready to crash into him with wave after wave of bad feelings. Through his pendant of mind reading he reveals a great sadness that he has been keeping to himself; a story of his crewmate’s malignant transformation. The loss he felt. The hope of a new companion in this orcish knight, and the betrayal he felt when Ogg left him to chase the next big monster. When this last use of the pendant is expanded, the ruby held within cracks.

It’s at this point that they hear the noise of their friends battling some ghastly creature.


Just before Sayer and Ogg rush into the fray, the abhorrent specter flashes a wave of necrotic energy outward. Finding the light to be painfully bright, everyone averts their eyes; with the exception of Thaddeus. He stares on into it’s deathly gaze, and falls over unconscious.

Watching his new friend collapse into a dreadfully pale pile of gnome, Elbenor calls out with the words of his divine power and banishes the specter. Ogg and Sayer rush in, painfully ignorant of much of the happenings. There is a little time left before the spell would consume in on itself.

They take position to engage this creature should it pull it’s way out of the banishment. There is but moments hanging in the air before the spell runs out of magik juice. They await with bated breath. Surely it will tear it’s way back in any moment.

They are shocked by the sound of Thranka whistling nearby, and with a bellowing roar Ogg runs up a flight of stairs towards the sound.


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