Gift of Eomar

The Memories

The group confront Thranka, who has utilized the equipment in the armory to arm herself appropriately. Sayer is able to diffuse the situation short of violence. They all continue towards the Asylum.

After crossing a small bridge high above the city streets below, they find Dixmont Asylum in a state of complete disorder. There are the echoes of those still confined far below mingled with the continual din of rodents moving freely throughout the chambers. Finding a passage marked as ‘Arcano-Misanthropical Interment’, they climbs the narrow stairs to investigate.

As they continue, they find the rats moving about the passages more and more numerous. It becomes apparent that not only are these rodents scurrying about the edges of the chambers and halls, but scrambling through the walls themselves.

They come upon a centralized chamber at the top of this parapet; there is a large rotary chair in the center and mysterious rune discs in a circling perimeter. To their horror they find a corpse in the chair. His entire head seems to have been gnawed off.

The heroes soon realize that they are in the midst of hundreds of rats now. They seem to hold value in an array of crystals throughout the chambers around the main room. When become agitated when Ogg disturbs the arrangement.

It seems that in the weeks prior, a prisoner in the tower had bent the rats to his will. Before they would commit themselves to whatever nefarious plot the prisoner had concocted, the Luminus Nocturne struck, disrupting all within the city of Khalsbrad.

It was heralded in the asylum by a dark figure, who set the crystals with some ill purpose. The horde of rats have used it as a sort of psychic sustenance. The companions had much discussion on the morality of such perverse creatures. They concluded that if the horde would abstain from devouring the arcane energy within the crystals that they could be sanctioned.

Feeling a little out of his element with the complicated arcane arrangement, Ogg gave Thadeous the crystal. The gnome felt a presence within; it was … familiar. With a gasp Thadeous recognized what he had in his hands. Memories of his childhood flooded over him. There was a love that he yearned for, paternal in nature. He had finally found what had been stolen from his father and soon reclaimed the crystal associated with his mother.

He disclosed briefly the sorry state of his beloved parents. Then after a few words of warning about the vile necromancer who had cost him so much, he wrapped about him his magic cloak and was off to return to his beloved parents.


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