Akasha Delithrang


The young bard who calls herself Akasha seems hesitant to engage completely with those around her for fear of her past coming back to haunt her, though when necessary she doesn’t shy away from an opportunity to help her friends. She wears a retinue of well-tooled, if somewhat well-worn leathers over shimmering clothe. She wears a worn key around her neck that townsmen would occasionally notice grasping, as sort of a nervous twinge. Akasha tends to be very forbearing when it comes to children who have lost their kindred, as well as imprisoned animals. With a whip and a rapier at her side, she defends those she cherishes.

She caries a lute across her back. You see the beautiful intricate designs and multi inlaying of many woods, it seems as if it could come to life all on its own but only with the strumming of her nimble fingers it could take you to another world.

Her elven features show forthright with a subtle crescent moon on her brow; it’s origin as dark and mysterious as her somber stare. Akasha’s long hair is like the sea in the full moon light that she wears in a tight braid over her shoulder.


Akasha speaks little of her past, though her skill with both song & stage along with her affinity for the wilds around Collabria belay a deeper knowledge of the world around her in spite of her young age (just barely out of her teenage years, by elven standards).

Akasha Delithrang

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