Dhalamus Cayne

First Paladin


A rather stern man with a grim countenance, Dhalamus Cayne commands the Order of the Alabaster Aegis as First Knight. He is most comfortable on the battlefield cutting streaks of radiant light through his foes, where he is truly a sight to behold.


A very old family, House Cayne has deeply rooted itself in the whirlpool that is the political system of central Collabria. With several older brothers, the line of succession will unlikely pass to Dhalamus upon the passing of his Lord father, Balthezar.

For this reason, among others, Dhalamus has joined the prestigious Order of the Alabaster Aegis, where he rose among the ranks for near a decade before ascending to Command after the late Ahrumaz kor’Javed.

Dhalamus Cayne

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