Elbanor Thaspeclepior


Standing just about 6 ft tall Elbanor carries himself with sense of duty. Wearing a hooded cloak, hood down, black with blue bolts taking root down from the hood, as if struck by lighting itself. Atop his head, sit two masks, neither baring a mouth but more of a breathing filter, one being black with reds patterned sharply, the other a white patterned with a vibrant blue. Beneath his cloak he wears a spotty stitching of ring mail, it appears to be of a few different sets, the fabric dawned underneath patched with various fabrics but held firm together. At the age of 27 he’s traveled around Collabria from south to north, knowing the area decently.


Growing up in Southern Collabria Elbanor saw much less conflict then those living further north. Battles between nations happening further from home then for those who lived in the north, gave his parents a unique opportunity as healers. They have the land and space to cultivate a supple crop of herbs for their practice. Raised from a young age to recognize herbs and how to use them for healing various aliments, from illness to injury. War being a common call for healers, his parents often had to travel to exchange their craft for continued safety and property rights.

In the rainy season of Elbanor’s 15th year he was outside tending to the crop, preparing it for possible high winds and whatever destruction the storm may bring. By the blessing of Ak’LexZion Elbanor was struck by lightening, as the electricity flowed through his body it awoke something hidden.

Elbanor Thaspeclepior

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