Hush is a dread necromancer. Draped in the bones of his experiments/victims, he also has the distinguishable mark of having his lips crudely sewn together. No one truly knows why or how this had come about. Some say he might be under some sort of punishment by a more powerful figure, and others have theorized that he had done it to himself to simply focus on his breath and thoughts in order to tap into another part of his mind and not be bothered with verbal trivialities.


The machinations out Hush culminated in the dreaded Night of Lights, when he wrenched the power of Solastarum from Master Madrygos.

After suffering in a cursed tomb over an undetermined amount of time, he was suddenly released under accidental circumstances by Prism and Marlavin Wobblegrinder, parents of Thadeous. Upon his release, his cooped up rage billowed out of him immediately punishing the two innocent gnomes as if they were the ones who had imprisoned him. In doing so he had cursed both of them and taken away their memories of their most prized possession and left them unable to create new ones. In this case their most precious memory was of their only son Thadeous. The curse had made Thadeous a sad undistinguishable smudge in their lives never to know who he was again.

While Hush is a wanderer among shadows, his whereabouts are currently unknown. His intrigue with the art of death and sorcery consumes him and allows him to stray far from any righteous path.


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