Karth Drachum


Karth’s visage is adorned with as many wicked scars as there are pierced ornaments surrounding it. Perhaps it’s the excess weight of the trinkets that causes his face to reject grinning … perhaps not.


Karth was a wanted criminal, under suspicion of several charges; not least of which aggravated assault, racketeering, fencing of stolen goods, gryphon poaching and public lewdness.

Recent events revealed Karth to have been transformed by the Master of the Tower of Solastarum into a dark rider of the Black Guard. Karth seemed well adjusted to the new powers, retaining all the viciousness of his past life.

At the will of the Master of the Tower, Karth led forces in an attack against the holdout Aurens of Balefire Egress. In a rather cathartic engagement, he was slain by On’ogg.

Some time ago, Karth had been seen operating with the Ironbellow Warband. The Orc paladin On’ogg admitted a brief association with the poacher, where he witnessed Karth dispatching a small band of Knights from the Alabaster Aegis. Among the slain were Knight Raleigh.

Karth Drachum

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