Knight Raleigh

Knight Errant


A young Knight of the Alabaster Aegis, Raleigh uth Modar is a member of the Errant Expeditionary; a detachment of the Aegis that roam the outlaying regions, scouting for the Order outside of their immediate jurisdiction.

She has flowing golden locks that form around stark blue eyes.


Raleigh enlisted with Alabaster Aegis on her seventeenth name day, anxious to follow in her father’s footsteps. The only child of a high rank commander in the Aegis, Raleigh strove to prove herself worthy of her father’s name.

She found her appointment somewhat comfortable and after a year began harboring a suspicion that her father had influenced her stature in the Order, shielding her from true danger. When the opportunity arose, Raleigh enlisted in the Errant Expeditionary. With them, she began accumulating a high level of prestige with both noble deed and prowess in combat.

Her detachment was last seen scouting the lush jungles of deep southern Collabria.

Knight Raleigh

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