Lady Mithra Voss

Aegis Knight


Lady Mithra has a slightly grayish complexion, with a narrow, angular structure to her face akin to the elvish side of her heritage. Her roundish eyes and full lips bespoke that of her human side.

Her silvery locks of white hair she keeps braided in rows, not uncommon of the fierce barbarians of the northern tundras. Wielding a heavy flail along a tower shield, Lady Mithra commands a heavy personage on the battlefield.


As a person with half-elven ancestry, one can find themselves an outsider to both sides of their kin. This difficulty is extended further when that elven heritage is that of the Drow, the dark elves.

Through a unflinching devotion to duty that won her no great closeness to her peers, she rose through the ranks. Though few would call her amicable company, none can question Lady Mithra’s adherence to duty.

Among her peers in The Circle, she is known to be an avid supporter of the ‘new beliefs’, those who would take a less restrictive approach to those quests the Order would take on.

Lady Mithra Voss

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