Nozzalthorp Frayfeather

Grand Architect


Found deep within the Floor H of the Asylum of Dixmont, Nozzalthorp seems peculiarly well kept for his long determent in such a fowl place. Intent on remaining in the cell with it’s relative peace and quiet, Frayfeather was coaxed out by the companions to help contend with the new master of the Tower of Solastarum.


Nozzalthorp Frayfeather was the Grand Architect overseeing the construction of the Tower of Solastarum, working closely with Master Madrygos. He claims to have interred himself within Dixmont Asylum after tapping into an ancient power not meant for mere mortals.

The Tower of Solastarum is the one and only structure that Frayfeather has built. His pure brilliance won him the job over many with more experience in the art of structural design.

What him and Madrygos had found in the depths of ley line energy shook him out of his wits. He left Khalsbrad for a hundred years, returning to warn Madrygos of the powers of the World Chains of Agartha.

He was unsuccessful of swaying Madrygos, but what he found during this meeting confirmed his fears. He decided to inter himself within the Asylum of Dixmont for it’s proximity, deeming it the safest cells in the area.


Slightly touched by the abundance of ancient ley line magic, Frayfeather gained the ability of astral projection, which he honed to occupy his brilliant mind during his years of self imprisonment.

Nozzalthorp Frayfeather

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