Half-Orc Paladin


On’ogg kneels, holding the hilt of his sword in front of him as a makeshift cross, he begins to pray. He bows his head and rests it on his hands, and shifts the weight of the mis-matched armor he has collected the past year on his shoulders.

‘Ogg want pray, but Ogg not know right words,’ he thinks. ‘Ogg want pray in human speech, because Ogg only seen way humans pray. So Ogg try.’

’Ogg not know human Gods, so Ogg not know if human Gods listening. But Ogg want human Gods know that Ogg trying. Ogg knows good, and Ogg knows bad. Ogg want help people, because Ogg want prove just because Ogg orc, Ogg not bad and all orc not bad.

Ogg knows: no kill other thing unless other thing evil, or other thing try to hurt Ogg or friends. Ogg know Ogg break rules before, and Ogg still ask for forgiveness. If human Gods listening, Ogg want be righteous, Ogg want find what Ogg look for, and Ogg want be strong enough to protect friends.’

He opens his eyes and stands, drawing his sword from the ground and running a thumb over a crudely carved bird on his longsword’s hilt. Inside he feels stronger, as he has taken another step toward good.


On’ogg (Ogg, for short) was born to a small plains clan, and thirsted for adventure from a young age. Looking up to the stories told by older and more experienced raiders, Ogg wanted nothing more than to join them on their hunts and bring food and glory back to his people.

Once full grown Ogg jumped at the opportunity to ‘work’ with Karth Drachum, an orc travelling through the area. Carrying his gear and acting as an apprentice to the hunter, Ogg was eager to learn the ways of his kind.

Ogg has never told anyone of his time spent with Karth Drachum, but few would say he was the same orc when he returned. Friends and family would say he spent more time in silence than before; no longer partaking in the loud and rambunctious feasts they would have after a successful raid, instead allowing a moment of contemplation in silence before eating a modest portion of the food, and retiring to his hut.

After a very short time at home Ogg left in search of righteousness, clearly bothered by what he had learned. He understood good and bad, the delicate balance between life and death, and felt he needed to serve retribution for what had transpired in his time away.

Over the past year he has devoted himself and his sword to the path of good, struggling to learn common language and piece together gear to show his devotion to what he feels and hears inside his heart. He is searching for a specific group of people and hoping to prove himself worthy when he finds them.


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