Sayer the Swashbuckler

Audacious and quite audible


Sayer stands tall and upright. The only thing he holds higher than his sword is his drink. He laughs at danger. He laughs WITH danger! He drinks with danger… He drinks with strangers… But he is no stranger to danger… So when they drink together they usually sit at a table large enough for strangers.. And maybe a lady or two or eight… And maybe some small friendly animals…. But no children! ..we’re DRINKING here.. Like a lot.

Sayer is a charmer and has been known to weave the fluffiest of tales… But some stories are beasts.. And like Many a beast… The end is often a little fuzzy.

Sayer often boasts to been a part of the the greatest, most boisterous, adventurous, drunkenest, joyful, boastful, bounciest, bodacious, band of bucket of bean buccaneers the world has ever seen of ever heard or ever partied with. They were his brothers… The Singing Swords.

But since those glory days… Sayer has worked his way inland… In search of a new adventure, unfamiliar women, and exotic drink.

Ask him anything
And he’ll smile and sing


Sayer the Swashbuckler

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