Sir Ferric

Disgraced Knight


Sir Maximo Ferric was a brazen, charismatic leader. Through an abundance of audacious deeds, Sir Ferric moved through the ranks of the Order of the Alabaster Aegis with a quickness, attaining a position within The Circle at an irregularly young age.

The companions came into contact with Sir Ferric, long into his interment within the Black Cells below. The Cells had not been in use for almost twenty years. Though he was believed to have perished shortly his imprisonment, it seems that some abhorrent power has sustained him over all these long years.

He had been grossly malformed, carrying plague and death as a weapon against the companions. Entombed in this place in his armor of old, he wore it still; though any adornment or trappings of the Aegis had long been scorched and blackened almost completely beyond recognition.npc_-_sir_ferric_phase_1.jpg

He claimed to be blessed by some other being and indeed transformed into a powerful creature of darkness late into the encounter. A fetid aura of pestilence hung about him; he invoked powers of plague and disease. Though he nearly brought the group low with his considerable powers of darkness, our heroes were able to vanquish the disgraced knight for good.


He was involved in the last critical days of the Giant Gate Wars, though to what extent is currently unknown to those without the highest levels of the Alabaster Aegis. What is known is that he was cast out from the Order and thrown in the Black Cells, where he was assumed to perish.

Decades later, the Elbanor and the companions were invoked by the cloud giant Akir’thanalan to confirm his internment, for she seems to believe him directly responsible for her encasement in ice at the hands of the fire giants below the mountains. As her trust in the Alabaster Aegis has been shaken by this very man, she enlists the aid of Elbanor, who she sees to be blessed of her Divine Father, the Lord of Storms.

Sir Ferric

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