Sir Huron Amberhardt

Aegis Paladin


The embodiment of zeal among the Paladins of the Order of the Alabaster Aegis. He has a place among The Circle and is a staunch advocate of the ‘old traditions’ among the Order.


With a Lord Father who was a force among the mercantile politics of Steingaart, Huron Amberhardt was raised with a keen eye for business. The youngest of two sons, he had not the duty to the family business that his older kin was charged with, so Huron pursued glory with the Alabaster Aegis.

Through his years he became a valiant warrior for the just, overcoming foes with a fervor that did shine brightly from his lofty hammer. Always he kept good relations with his brother, who continued their Lord Father’s business dealings after their sire did succumb to the neurosis in digging the depths of stone that takes so many elder dwarves.

Through these dealing both brother did benefit much and the Aegis became well funded through the efforts of the Amberhardt brothers. Though his placement within The Circle be a inevitable matter, the substantial gains in the Order coffers did not inhibit Sir Huron’s progress.

Sir Huron Amberhardt

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