The Hand of Acheron

Lvl. 7 Warlock


Things That Have Happened to Me
By: the Hand

The Presence has a name! The Presence’s name is Elbanor and he would like me to stop calling him The Presence. It turns out everybody has a name. I do not have a name yet but I am hopeful someone will give me one eventually. Sometimes people call me “It” or “That.” Ogg also calls his sword “It” and Akasha calls her music machine “It”, so I think “It” may be a very powerful and important name indeed.

I ate some stew!!!

I am still having a lot of trouble with the pants. I do not like the pants very much. Today I tried walking around without them but Elbanor (the Presence) took me aside and told me I had to wear them. Elbanor said I was in a propriate, even though I was actually in a sewer.

Sayer says I don’t have to wear the pants, but Elbanor says not to listen to that because Sayer is a Dog. (What is a Dog?)

I am supposed to call Constance “Ma’am” because she is the leader of the guards. I have tried calling Ogg “Ma’am” because he is the leader of us adventurers, but for some reason he does not like it.

I cannot take Crabbymouse Hobblefinder’s (sp?) face. Maybe this is because he has such a long name?

Akasha combed my hair today. It felt very nice. This is probably the second best thing that has happened to me after the stew.

I am so happy that this little notebook came with me from the void! I have only been alive for twelve hours and I already know how to write. Ogg does not know how to write in any language even though is not very hard. I tried to show him how to reach into THE VOID beneath his eyes and beckon THE MONSTROUS TONGUE OF NONCE…he did not like that either.

I like to take Akasha’s face and touch it with my hand because it is so pretty and soft. Rhomboidious Swadleglider (sp?) says this is creepy especially since it is technically Elbanor’s hand.

Elbanor says when you die your soul leaves your body and goes away, which sounds like what happened to me but backwards. So I don’t have to treat the dead bodies like people.

Elbanor says to stop kicking the dead bodies.

Sometimes I know how to fly!!!

The things which happen to me in dreams are not real, or if they are real nobody else remembers them. For instance, Akasha didn’t remember anything that happened last night! Which is probably good because I think we were inside a propriate.

While we were asleep Ogg and Akasha and Elbanor snuck up to the top of the tower and fired a ballista. But first they dropped the ballista and woke everyone up. Pancreas Peppergrinder (sp?) and I stayed in the morgue because we thought Sayer might die from having such a horrible face. Upstairs they killed the titan that was rampaging in the city. Everyone was very excited when we woke up and we were attacked by some birds. I was not very excited because the titan is too big and I cannot take its face. My stomach feels like I would like some more stew.

I did not feel it when the Presence left. This is concerning.

Sometimes I know words like concerning even though I still do not know what a Dog is. Sometimes I say things I do not understand. Like when I want to do magic and that voice speaks through my mouth.


The Hand of Acheron

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