The Inquirer


Very little is known of the enigmatic individual known only as The Inquirer. It cannot be said definitively what land they hark from, nor whether they are a man or woman. Indeed, many have spent days on end walking the halls of Farthenfaust Sanctuary and never passed the solitary personage.

When a visitor to the Sanctuary is troubled with doubt in their heart, they are sometimes approached by The Inquirer, who speaks to them in a voice that nobody afterwards can agree upon. Sometimes it’s gentle and comforting; other times it’s resounding and direct.


Wrapped head to toe in scraps of cloth and donning a cowl low, nobody can even say what The Inquirer looks like. The origin of the figure is a complete mystery. Most are content enough just to have a place like Farthenfaust Sanctuary available to them to calm their minds of trouble; The Inquirer is left well enough alone.

The Inquirer

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