“In the land of Ensheidran, when the mist of dreaming lay upon the world, we knew death and forgetting. Then ‘The Conglomerate’ was forged and the Elves were born into this world. Driven by their new found Self, the elves moved across their land driving before them the Dwarven hoards. Upon finding seas of water to the west and seas of glass to the east, the Ageless formed their land, Aelostrian… and so was the first story recorded” – from the writings of Sendaro the Ancient

Aelostrian is the native homeland of the elves. From its sweeping jungles in the west to the seemingly endless Glass Desert in the east, Aelostrian appears as it did in the primordial ‘Era of Sculpting and Dreaming’. Although the face of this land remains unblemished by country, city or territory it unquestioningly belongs to the Elves; as they belong to it.

In modern times the elves now spread themselves across Aelostrian in small groups of 5 to 30 households. By bending The Conglomerate, elves have the ability to freely pass between these small communes at will, thus linking all of their land into one continuous community.


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