Alabaster Aegis - Noble Squad

Noble squad is one of a dozen contingent units that comprise the 2nd Ward of the First Knighthood in the Order.

Renault Mallory

npc_-_aegis_renault_mallory_2.jpg When Knight Renault was propelled to lead Noble squad, many of his compatriots had been puzzled by the selection. During his training as an initiate, he seemed somewhat weary of the intense combat training derived by the arms masters; capable, but not quite as enthusiastic as the other trainees.

Knight Renault had been much more diligent in his studies, particularly the extensive dialogue with the Master scribes on the nature of the transcendent powers. He excelled in divine remedies as well as historical studies.

Though Knight Renault’s assignment as leader of Noble caused some stir among the other initiates during the Grand Euphony, those who serve under his leadership have accepted him as their face in the Aegis. He wears the mantle with an air of modesty and thoughtful introspection.

Alpert Ventago

npc_-_aegis_alpert_ventago.jpg As quick with colloquy as he is with his steel, Alpert Ventago joined the
Order of the Alabaster Aegis well after a youth wasted chasing excitement in as many taverns as dungeon. If Renault is the face of Noble, Ventago is certainly the voice.

Though a self indulgent braggart, Knight Ventago is not without a certain amount of old-world chivalry, a fact of which he often proclaims from the top of unstable tavern benches.

Marwyn Gantz

npc_-_aegis_marwyn_gantz.jpg Knight Gantz is a partisan wielder in Noble squad. Often the recipient of good nature pestering from her compatriots, Gantz is typically aloof among large crowds.

The youngest daughter of a wealthy merchant family of Embassy Town, Marwyn Gantz decided throw aside both her life of luxury and an arranged marriage for the excitement of the Knighthood. When provoked, Knight Mallory is headstrong and determined. With the guidance of her compatriots, she is learning to temper her impulsive ways with a strength of willpower that often surprises even herself.

Corso Riggs

Corso Riggs. npc_-_aegis_corso_riggs.jpg Knight Riggs is hardy warrior who takes a pleasure in maintaining his arms and equipment to a standard well beyond that of typical issue. Corso’s arrival on the shores of Collabria came with no shortage of drama, though he keeps his secrets to all but his trusted battle brothers & sisters.

Among Noble squad, Corso sees it his additional duty to keep an eye on his close friend Judith, often mediating the quarrels her intensity seems to attract. His skin tones suggest a mixing of ancestry, a fact that interests him little.

Judith the Noose

npc_-_aegis_judith.jpg Brash and unbending, Judith ‘the Noose’ is the bruiser among Noble squad. With a disregard for the upper authority that borders on the side of blatant, some outside Noble question how she retains her place in the Order.

Though her wild tendencies show themselves in both action and appearance, Judith’s disdain seems to limit itself to all besides Noble squad; indeed she follows the orders of Knight Renault (though not without gruff complaint if they not satisfy her immediate whims upon hearing them). Also, the First Paladin seems to have garnered her respect, though just how that came to be is quietly debated among Noble squad well out of earshot, for haughty titles seem to interest her not.

Alabaster Aegis - Noble Squad

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