The Callehad was recently destroyed under mysterious circumstances while calling at the elvish port of Ando’valah.

A mobile platform refined chiefly from Skystone, Captained by the adamant Content Not Found: castien-rheil. The sky ship acts as as an outlaying vessel carrying out the interests of Aelostrian central government.

~ In preparation for their expedition to the north, the companions gained the opportunity to outfit the Callehad ~

An elf approaches, passing you a slip of rolled parchment. You recognized him as Mavos, the impeccable Legion steward from the Callehad.

“I send word from Captain Castien. He apologizes for not coming himself, but his duties have taken him out of the city for the moment. He has outlined here several possible leads that can help prepare the ship for the expedition to the north. If you have time, perhaps you could look into securing a few resources before we depart?”

[ ] Skystone Hull Reinforcement

An experienced shipwright has agreed to weld valuable skystone plates to the ship if the group would secure a lucrative mining claim that he has come in possession with. Improving hull integrity could strengthen our defensive capabilities.

[ ] Combat Lifesaver Training

We have several crewmembers who have shown an interest in providing battlefield triage support while in the field. Perhaps one of the city Wards could give those that show an aptitude in the medicinal arts some sort of structured learning. Advanced training could improve our effectiveness to treat injuries.

[ ] Gyrosynchronic High-Precision Telescope System

The gnomish tinkerer Nimish von Trinken is interested in selling his prototype Hyperoptic Spectrometer if the group can prevent his professional rival Rudolfo Gammaschmidt from “ruining his life”. Acquisition of this powerful Telescope could improve our scouting capabilities.

[ ] Supplementary Provisions

Our food stores have been replenished, but we’ve still room for more if possible. Sending Mavos to arrange for additional supplies has not proven fruitful. There’s word that a rather large homestead in the countryside hasn’t fulfilled their harvest produce in several weeks and is making resources somewhat scarce. Acquiring more Provisions could prolong expeditions into hostile or unknown regions without need of resupply.

[ ] Firefax Munitions

There’s report that a rather sizable shipment of sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate has been stolen from the docks. Those responsible are likely constructing the components into blasting powder with the intent of selling to the highest bidder. Acquiring these Munitions could strengthen our offensive capabilities.


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