Order of the Alabaster Aegis

The Alabaster Aegis is a holy order of paladins operating out of the Alabaster Citadel in the frozen tundras of northern Collabria. Unaffiliated with any state-ship or local governing authority, the Alabaster Aegis acts on it’s own authority in endeavors of their own choosing.

The Order is currently headed by Dhalamus Cayne, who inherited the command after the fall of Ahrumaz kor’Javed. He has bolstered the Aegis with a relentless drive to rid the land of evil.

As of late a solemn lot, many who come in contact with the Aegis describe an exacting, solitary force that moves with a sense of purpose. They travel in small groups to carry out their secretive missions; often the slaying a tyrannical dragon or bringing a criminal organization to Justice. Once their divine purpose is carried out, they are gone as swift as their arrival. They accept no payment, the logistics of the Order are known only to those among it’s ranks.

The heraldry of the Order of the Alabaster Aegis is a crystalline blue phoenix on a field of blue banded with bronze.

Three Knighthoods make up the Order, each comprised of two Wards.

First Knighthood
Sir Dhalamus Cayne, First Paladin and Grand Executor

The First Knighthood makes up the vast majority of the Order’s standing forces. They are garrisoned at the Alabaster Citadel when not called upon for some grand quest.

Recently the First Knighthood came to the aid of Khalsbrad at the terminus of the Night of Lights crisis.

Noteworthy forces within the First:
- Noble Squad.

Second Knighthood
Lady Edelinne Thorne, Keeper of the Cavalry

The Second Knighthood, or the ‘Errant Expeditionary’ as It’s more commonly known, is a roving force dispatched for the vast majority of it’s time in the field, unearthing worthy opportunities to thwart the forces of tyranny and subjugation.

The Errant Expeditionary moves with a somewhat smaller regime of fighting strength compared to the First, but travels with a full contingent of logistic necessities.

Noteworthy forces within the Second:

Third Knighthood
Sir Lothar Anval, Protector of the Sanctum

The Third Knighthood is made up of the Circle, which stands as the executive power of the Aegis.

The Third also houses the Regime of the Libram; the scribes and historians of the Order. Here are also the training corps for initiate conditioning, the perfunctory castellons, armory officials, apothecaries, revenue management and general housekeeping platoons.

Noteworthy forces within the Third:
- Theodore Ballast, supply officer

Order of the Alabaster Aegis

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