The Aurens

The Aurens are a small pact of dwarves in Khalsbrad who perform the burial rites for the recently departed in the city. Resolute in their duties, they isolate themselves from the rest of the community, sequestered in the Auren Halls.

With Khalsbrad drawing it’s visitors from all parts of the world, the Aurens have remanded staunchly non-denominational in its practices.


The Aurens hold the Repository against attackers from Solastarum. The defenders fight on hallowed ground, the Halls seemingly holding a consecrated power against the creatures of darkness.

During the attacks on their halls, a resolute dwarf by the name of Jotun has taken charge of the defense. After the heroes fought their way to the halls, Jotun saw the heroes to safety. Eventually finding their cause to be just, he offered the assistance of the Aurens, for when the heroes are ready to assault the Tower of Solastarum.

The Aurens

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