Tower of Solastarum


Deep within the walls of Khalsbrad lies a serene meadow, from which rises the Clockwork Tower of Solastarum on the shore of Lake Edelweiss. It is from this tower that Master Madrygos governs over his beautiful city. Madrygos has shaped the tower into a bastion of deep knowledge and study; it has since become a destination for intellectuals minds the world over.

It is said that Madrygos raised the tower over ancient ley lines, a source of great natural power.

scene_-_solastarum_stairs.jpg The companions plunged into the depths of Solastarum during the Night of Lights event, braving an iteration of the Tower that they could confirm to be less than hospitable. Within, the heroes have found the personal workshop of Chief Artchitect Nozzalthorp Frayfeather, who overseen the construction of the Tower.

The technical workings of the Tower makes it necessary for untold amounts of halls and shafts, aligning the delicate machinations into powerful structure of itself. As such, one can easily find themselves thoroughly lost in the subterranean levels.


They also came to utilize the powerful Occulus that Madrygos had constructed in the parapets, using the wondrous device to locate the mysterious Exile.


Tower of Solastarum

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